Top Secret Locations Revealed

Our precious world is full of locations where one would simply be blown away. Today it is really hard to find a spot on the planet that can be called a ‘secret place’ or a hidden location that not many have had a glimpse of. Man, though, is a creature that never rests in peace and there are people still in search of things unique and new and one such soul we found on YouTube. Check out this video get an idea of what we are talking about.

May be all that was needed was a change of perspective. Locations have started to look the same when viewed while standing on the ground, but a bird’s eye view of our world has exposed a lot of curious and unique features that we were previously oblivious to (some of them though look like the act of a few naughty farmers who are probably finding a lot of free time on their hands with all the modern technology and machineries). As to the faces in the mountains and sand and the different markings and symbols…Maybe it’s the aliens or something else really really creepy. We have, in fact, researched the coordinates of these locations and although we offer great deals on hotels around the world, we don’t have any located close to these locations at present, but one good thing that we can tell you is that we found a secret location of our own ….not on the Earth, which makes it extra special and plans are underway to take care of the boarding and lodging requirements of our valued customers as soon as we can get some builders ready to take up the challenge. Check out our location and let us know if it tops all the others shown in the video.

Cydonia Mansae

OK won’t keep you guessing this particular location is called Cydonia Mansae and it’s on our neighboring planet…none other than Mars.P.S. our sympathies with the people trying to have a moment of peace and relaxation on their roof top. Big Brother is watching all the time, better be careful!!!

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