Lanzarote – The Island of 100 Volcanoes

The easternmost of the Canary Islands is also one of the most amazing islands one can see in the Atlantic. Although it is known as the “island of 100 volcanoes”, Lanzarote has about 300 volcano peaks and certainly one impressive landscape.

There is one thing everyone remembers after visiting Lanzarote – its unique color. You will never see  such amazing contrasts like you see here. Dark hues of lava contrasting with the sandy beaches, the emerald waters or packs of vegetation. The island owes its extraordinary scenery to the volcanic eruptions in the 17th and 18th century.

But do not think that the year-round sunshine and tanning possibilities are all you can do on the island. There are plenty of remarkable places on Lanzarote. One of the most spectacular is The Cave of Los Verdes, part of the complex system of caves formed by the lava flows. The tunnel is 6 km long under the mainland and 1,6 km under the sea, being one of the longest volcanic tunnels in the world. A similar attraction is Jameos del Agua, which includes a natural concert hall, a subterranean lagoon, a restaurant and a museum.

Timanfaya National Park covers 50 sq km of volcanic scenery and its a must for every tourist that gets on Lanzarte. Demonstrations of how hot the soil is just a few meters below the surface and a guide are included in the entrance fee. After the tour, stop by the “El Diablo” restaurant for some geothermal cooked Canarian food.

Although the capital city of the island and the largest city is Arrecife, it is recommended to visit other cities, as well. The old capital, Tequise, holds a great market every Sunday. Mirador del Rio offers sublime views over the ocean and several islands. The most popular resort of the island is Puerto del Carmen and it is packed with restaurants, night spots, shops and a lovely beach.

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