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A Walk through the Beautiful Gardens of Perth

With a total number of 18 parks and gardens, covering an area over 140 hectares, it’s no wonder Perth is most often described as a parkland oasis of Australia. Gardens have always played a great part in Perth’s city planning strategies, and, over time, have become an integral part of its identity. Let’s have a look at Perth’s famous gardens:

Queens Gardens
Queens Gardens, Perth, WA - 2
Originally used as a duck hunting ground, by early colonists, the site of Queens Gardens later became the location of a brick making facility. It wasn’t until 1894 that local authorities made the decision to turn the area into a public garden. The old clay pits were magically transformed into water lily-filled lakes, and the brickworks were replaced by various flowers and shrubs.
05 perth - queens garden 33
Located on the eastern outskirts of Perth, the beautiful Queens Gardens is a perfect attraction for tourists looking for natural serenity, surrounded by lakes, trees and colorful flower beds. Home to one of only four original replicas of the famous Peter Pan statue from London’s Kensington Gardens, Queens Gardens is Perth’s Never Never Land, on the edge of the Central Business District.

Harold Boas Gardens
Harold Boas Gardens
Tucked away on the western outskirts of the city, Harold Boas Gardens offers some of the most beautiful and romantic sights you have ever seen, making it one of the favorite wedding venues in Perth. Featuring several ponds, a waterfall and superb overhanging trees, it’s no wonder why Harold Boas Gardens is one of Perth’s most popular tourist attractions.

Named after a respected architect and city councilor, Harold Boas Gardens is a popular picnic and outdoor party destination, offering amenities like a children’s playground, parking, and drinking water. Harold Boas Gardens is conveniently located close to most West Perth hotels.

Supreme Court Gardens
Supreme Court Building
Supreme Court Gardens is the oldest garden area in Perth, opened in 1845, as a botanical garden. Named after the Supreme Court building and the city’s original Court House, this garden is a welcome escape from the city’s bustling business district.
Supreme court gardens 5
Located at the corners of Barracks Street and Riverside Drive, close to where the city of Perth was founded, in 1829, Supreme Court Gardens is home to an impressive array of both endemic plants and ornamental trees, and is a monument to the nature industry and art.

Kings Park & Botanic Garden
By the Water Pavilion, Botanic Garden in Kings Park, Perth
Featuring over 400 hectares of bushland, trees, lakes and plants, Kings Park & Botanic Garden is the true natural heartland of Perth. Located on Mount Eliza, it offers the best over West Australia’s capital and Swan River. Although Kings Park and Botanic Garden spreads over a huge area, tourists usually limit themselves to the developed parts nearest to the city.

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Perhaps the most famous relaxation point in all of Perth, Kings Park and Botanic Garden offers free guided tours, charming tearooms and restaurants, children’s playgrounds, and most importantly, a healthy dose of fresh air. Positioned just a 15 minute walk from the city center, Kings Park & Botanic Garden is easily accessible from pretty much all the hotels in Perth.

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