Long Weekend in Frankfurt, Germany


For a city largely lost during World War II, Frankfurt has managed an amazing rebirth and is now one of Germany’s most important financial hubs. But the country’s fifth largest city is not only about money and business. With a 1,200 year rich history, Frankfurt is a deceptively compact mix of modernism and history, that makes a perfect entry point for Germany. So what exactly are you going to see while spending your long weekend in Frankfurt? Here’s a quick list.




Divided into North and South regions by the Main River, Frankfurt is a modern city that knew how to preserve its former glory with the original architecture and layout. That’s why one of the most appealing place to begin your trip is from the old town center, Altstadt. Top tourist sites include the Goethehaus or the Goethe Museum (the famous Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe childhood house), the Gothic St. Bartholomeus’ Cathedral and its sweeping views over the city or the Sachsenhausen which is Frankfurt’s preserved old quarter).

Trying to make things even more interesting? Go for the pedal-powered Velotaxi and stroll on the pedestrian-only downtown area, but if you’d like to be more romantic, hang out on the river and see the river from a boat. You can even go for something special, like a riverboat dinner.




Not in for the architecture or the city’s old charm, Frankfurt is renowned for its shopping venues. So start your day in Zeil and shop till you drop as the place is filled with designer stores (Goethestrasse) and boutiques (the Berger Strasse) that would satisfy even the pickiest. The completely pedestrianized area is also home to the Zeilgalerie shopping mall.




Frankfurt cuisine

The 2.9km long Berger Strasse is the longest shopping street in Frankfurt, and is one great place to check on, during the day. With lots of fast-food joints, trendy bars and eateries, that’s your sure bet if you’re in search for those great German sausages, some live music or an ice cold pint of lager down your throat.

But if you’d much rather experience the traditional side of Frankfurt cuisine instead of the cosmopolitan culinary delights of the city, find yourself a cozy little apfelwine house and grab a glass of cider (apple wine) with Handkäs’ mit Musik, a cheese dish served with vinegar, onions and caraway seeds. Take our word for it, it’s delicious.


Have some fun

The night has come and if you’re not strolling back to your hotel to recharge your batteries for tomorrow, head out and have some fun in the city’s clubs. A must-see is the ultra modern Cocoon Club owned by legendary DJ, Sven Väth. The 29,000 sq ft club has screens on the walls, the ceiling or the floor, all putting out an amazing show for the revelers. Just remember, you’re in Germany, you’ll most likely come in as a caterpillar and head out as a butterfly.

One last thing you should consider while in Frankfurt, rent a powerful car and hit the no-speed-limit autobahn. No one will fault you for trying to see what the real Germany is all about, right?

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