The World’s 10 Best Food & Wine Festivals

The love of good food and wine isn’t limited to one area of the globe or another. You’ll find dedicated foodies and sommeliers scattered around the entire world and, if you’re lucky, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of them at the world’s finest food and wine festivals.

10. St. Crois Food and Wine Experience – US Virgin Islands

Havana Blue restaurant

The St. Crois Food and Wine Experience began more than 10 years ago as a way to show off the talents of some of the hottest chefs in St. Croix. The event, which features a spectacular “Iron Chef, Top Chef, Island Chef” competition, draws popular chefs from around the world. Amongst them are Kevin Rathbun, Johnny Vinczencz, and Antonia Lofaso. The annual festival works to bring the community together to share a love of food and fun.

9. Les Etoiles des Mougins – France

Mougins, French Riviera 040

In the tiny town of Mougins, set in the South of France, you’ll find yourself captivated by the 4-year old Les Etoiles des Mougins festival. The town is well known for its love of food, and renowned chefs from around the country visit to share in conference classes, food tastings, and skilled culinary demonstrations.

8. Cornucopia – Whistler, Canada

cheese cake

Usually held during the fall months, the Cornucopia festival in Whistler, Canada will likely draw extra attention this year as the area prepares for the 2010 Winter Olympics. The two-night festival includes a Gala Grand Tasting event featuring the wares of more than 75 different wineries as well as the cuisine of some of the area’s most notable local chefs. If you book your Whistler hotel in advance you might be able to enjoy both great food and incredible Olympic events this winter!

7. Taste of Amsterdam – Netherlands

R8 - Andrea conducts tasting seminar

Amsterdam isn’t a city known for its cuisine but the Taste of Amsterdam festival aims to change that mindset. The festival spanned over a three day period during the month of June and made sure the spotlight was shining on a dozen of the area’s most famous restaurants. More than 15,000 food lovers visited the city for wine tastings, demonstrations, and food oriented events.

6. Hong Kong Wine and Dine Celebration – China

DSC05238 Seared Foie Gras with Cherry Tomato Confit & Port Wine Jus

This festival will make its debut in November of this year and the city hopes to celebrate the introduction of the Michelin guide to China. The city of Hong Kong is known for its dedication to the culinary arts and the Kung King Heen at the Four Seasons is proud to earn three Michelin stars – and that’s only one of the fabulous restaurants you’ll want to visit. Book your hotel in Hong Kong in advance to ensure you’re in the area for this astounding event.

5. World Gourmet Summit – Singapore

IMG_2884-hainanese chichen rice at yat kwan

The World Gourmet Summit in Singapore is a spectacular event dedicated to the celebration of each of the world’s most distinct cuisines. The festival, held each spring, welcomes celebrity chefs from around the world and has been graced with the presence of Wylie Dufresne, Klaus Erfort, and a number of other gastronomic superstars.

4. Puerto Rico Wine and Food Fest – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Awesome Puerto Rican food

Each year the Puerto Rico Wine and Food Fest features a different celebrity chef. The guest of honor at the 2009 festival was none other than Emeril Lagasse and it isn’t uncommon to find other favorite television chefs mingling in restaurants and cafes throughout this two-day event as well. The festival features demonstrations, wine tastings, and traditional Puerto Rican dishes served by some of the area’s hottest dining establishments.

3. Festival Gourmet International – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

International Wine Tasting Festival and Gourmet Food.

One of the oldest festivals on our list, the Festival Gourmet International will be celebrating its 15th anniversary in the fall of 2009. Every local restaurant in the city has the opportunity to invite a guest chef to visit the area and participate in special events like the Chef’s Hell-Raising Party and a number of other fun activities. To date, it is rumored that more than 30 celebrity chefs will be in attendance.

2. BBC Good Food Shows – Birmingham, London & Glasgow, UK

Gordon Ramsey food-demoing

The BBC Good Food Shows held in both Birmingham and Glasgow are sponsored by Good Food magazine. The event features cooking demonstrations, food tastings, and even cooking classes filled with tips almost any cook will appreciate. Both events are spectacular but the one in Birmingham is traditionally larger and draws the attention of some of the area’s finest celebrity chefs, including James Martin and Gordon Ramsay.

1. Melbourne Food and Wine Festival – Australia


This astounding 17-day festival showcases the culinary abilities of some of Australia’s finest chefs. With more than 200 individual events, visitors can participate in all sorts of casual or formal activities. There are tapas tours, demonstrations, and – of course – amazing food tastings all around the city.

Make sure you take the time to visit one of these amazing festivals at least once in your life. You’ll find yourself surrounded by culinary masterminds in a series of events you’ll never forget!

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mySardinia says on December 3rd, 2009 at 12:45 pm:

I’vv been to many countries around the world and tasted almost all of the best wine.. But there was one wine that I tasted in my staying in Sardinia. I can’t remember its name but it tasted so well… I’ll be back to Sardinia just to taste that wine again

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Oh! Its really mesmerizing. Food Industry is really very attractive


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