Five Best Casino Hotels in Macau

Macau, one of the hottest new international gambling locations, is known worldwide as “the Monte Carlo of China.” However, don’t expect any draconian rules here – Macau is home to some of the biggest, most exciting casinos and casino hotels in the world.

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Are you looking to stay at a luxury place for a great deal? Casino hotels are notorious for providing the best service at the lowest costs, and beyond that, they are romantic, exquisite locations for your next gambling holiday. Feel like a king or queen in these five best casino hotels in Macau.

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1) Hotel Lisboa – The Lisbon Hotel in Macau is renowned as a symbol of Macau. It looks like a cross between a Western luxury five-star hotel and a traditional Chinese lantern, all 15+ stories lit up like a beacon in the middle of Macau.

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Hotel Lisboa offers twenty-four hour entertainment and a whole lot of history, should you get bored of the 190,000 square feet of gambling area. Owned by legendary gambler Stanley Ho, the Lisboa casino is designed to look and feel like a birdcage – the only difference is, this is one cage you won’t want to escape! Six world-class restaurants and luxuriously furbished rooms round out Lisboa’s offerings.

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2) Wynn Macau – The Wynn Macau has consistently received rave reviews from everyone who’s visited. Its secret is in its reliable, consistently excellent experience. While other hotels rely on flashy advertisements and stories, the Wynn’s primary mode of self-promotion has been word-of-mouth.

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It’s a newer place, but don’t let that fool you, it’s like a Las Vegas resort in the middle of Macau. A great choice for Western travelers, gamblers and raconteurs looking for something that feels similar to what they’re used to.

3) Grand Emperor Hotel – The Grand Emperor has many things going for it, but two stand out: location and price. While luxury casino hotels are typically priced lower than their non-casino counterparts, the Grand Emperor makes low prices its brand. As far as location goes, the Grand Emperor is the best choice for any travelers planning on visiting other nightclubs, bars, and casinos around town. With its central location within walking distance to streets lined with entertainment options, you won’t have to worry about drinking too much and not being able to find your way home! [Image by Grand Emperor]

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4) Venetian Hotel – One of the newest hotels in Macau, the Venetian is located in the trendy Cotai district. With over forty floors, a half-million square-foot gambling center, a full-sized arena and over a million feet of convention space, the Venetian is quite simply the flagship of gambling in Macau.

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If you’re playing host to a business event, if you have a huge family gathering, or if you simply want to partake in the hottest location in Macau, definitely check out the Venetian hotel. If you want some more trivia, the Venetian is the fourth-largest building in the entire world. It’s big, there’s lots going on, and you’ll have tons of fun.

5) Pousada Marina Infante – Looking for a casino hotel away from all the crazy bustle of kids and their nightlife? The Pousada Marina Infante, located on beautiful Taipa Island, is surrounded by water and beaches on all sides. Watch the sunset with your lover with a margarita on the beach, play all night at the Pousada’s slots and tables, then watch the sunrise near the four-faced Buddha. For a combination of culture, class, and excitement, the Pousada Marina Infante is your perfect casino hotel getaway. [Image by Pousada Marina Infante]

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