Five Adrenaline Thrills in Hawaii

The rush of adrenaline that courses through your veins when you’re precariously close to death can be addictive. If you’re someone who doesn’t feel alive unless you’re doing something dangerous, pack your bags for hotels in Hawaii and check out these five epinephrine-laced activities.

Swimming With Sharks

Sharks are the most fearsome underwater predators and with only a flimsy cage between you and them, you’ll feel the rush.

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Oahu is the most common island for shark tours, though Maui offers a rare glimpse of hammerhead sharks.

Cliff Diving

Hawaii is known as the birthplace of cliff diving and indeed, the archipelago state has several phenomenal sites to practice the adventure sport.

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Some of the best cliff diving spots incluide Ka Lae, or South Point, on the Big Island, and Waimea Bay on Oahu. Both attract audacious “freejumpers” throughout the long and busy summer season.

Undersea Walk

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Club Kona in Oahu offers a unique activity for marine life enthusiasts. While not quite the near-brush-with-death rush of diving off a cliff or swimming with sharks, the ocean sports tour operator provides a safe undersea walk of a lifetime. Strap on your oxygen helmet and remember your waterproof camera: Hawaii’s underwater photo ops are extraordinary.


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There are many first-rate certified and experienced paraglide operators in Hawaii. With a bevy of exotic scenery to enjoy from above, from the slopes of Haleakalā to Mauna Kea, the state is ideally suited for this exquisite adventure activity. Unquestionably, there are few better vantage points from which to admire Hawaii’s spectacular beauty than from a paraglide.

Cave Diving

Few underwater thrills compare with the rewards and technical complexity  of cave exploration. The pursuit offers the opportunity to witness elusive rock formations and spectacular marine flora and fauna up close and personal – a monumental privilege few have the chance to enjoy.

underwater cave
Image by ErinKhoo

Underwater “cavers”, or speleologists, covet famous sites from Sardinia to Belize, Bahia, Brazil to Quintana Roo, Mexico. Oahu, Hawaii however, is also a notable destination for cavers. The island unfurls a vivid array of underwater caverns, sea caves and shipwrecks to discover. Some of the best include the Spitting Caves (East Side Oahu) and Makaha Caverns (West Side Oahu).

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