El Gouna – Jewel of the Red Sea

The Valley of the Pyramids is, without a doubt, Egypt’s most popular tourist attraction, but it is not the only treasure this beautiful country has to offer. 500 kilometers south of Cairo, on the shore of the Red Sea, lies one of the most unique beach resorts in the world, El Gouna.


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It all started 17 years ago, when a wealthy Egyptian business man decided to build himself a beach house, somewhere far from the crazy world. After a while he realized it was a shame only he and a few of his friends could enjoy the beauty of this place, so he decided to turn it into a resort. He bought a larger piece of land (actually sand) on which he built a hotel, then a second one, until he reached fourteen.


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Along the way he turned the barren patch of the Sahara into a lagoon complex, where people have access to the sea, even hundreds of meters inland. This was possible by building a network of canals that allow many houses to have their very own beaches. El Gouna is an oasis in a sea of sand, complete with thousands of palm trees, flower gardens and even mangroves.


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In order to keep their local charm, all hotels and other tourist facilities in El Gouna respect the classic Nubian architectural style: small buildings, no more than 2-3 stories-high, with interior gardens and cool corridors.


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El Gouna specializes in water sports and giving people a chance to discover the beauty of the Red Sea. You’d have a hard time finding a better place for windsurfing, kite surfing or water skiing, and, if you enjoy diving and snorkeling you will have a blast exploring the coral reefs filled with colorful sea creatures.


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For people who like to learn more about the culture of the places they visit, El Gouna offers the unique chance to spend a night in genuine Bedouin style. Eating traditional foods like couscous, humus, stuffed eggplants, kebabs, dates and other Egyptian and Turkish delicacies, while gazing at sensual belly dancers and fierce desert warriors putting on a show, is a truly unforgettable experience.


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Although not as popular as other top beach resorts, El Gouna should be considered when planning your next holiday destination. Featuring world-class accommodations, incredible on-land and underwater sceneries and fun-filled activities, El-Gouna is indeed a jewel of the Red Sea.


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