User Rules for Interactive Features on HotelClub Websites

User Rules for Interactive Features on HotelClub Websites

As part of its website offerings, HotelClub is pleased to offer several interactive features for its users, including online blogging. Using our blogging tools, users can communicate with each other about travel topics. Information submitted on these interactive areas reflects the opinions and individual experiences of specific travelers, and is provided as a service to you. All submissions are subjective opinions, and do not reflect the opinions of HotelClub or its parent or affiliated companies (“Orbitz”).

While we are excited to offer you these interactive features, we caution that you should not rely on the information submitted by users on these sites. Keep in mind that it reflects the personal experience of travelers like you. HotelClub takes no responsibility and is not liable for any of the information posted on this area. HotelClub makes no representations or warranties that it will post, or continue to post, any information you submit. HotelClub has no obligation to respond to users who submit information.
Your use of these features is subject to these User Rules as well as the HotelClub Terms and Conditions. You should read both these Rules and the Terms carefully; as we may take disciplinary action, including blocking you from this site, if you violate either. To the extent that you are prompted to create a new account for one of our interactive features, your account for using this feature is tied to your general HotelClub website account. If you violate the rules in this area, we may cancel your HotelClub account and block you from using any area of our site. We may use, modify, publish and review the content of your submissions, and may refuse to post or remove any submission, at any time, that does not comply with the following rules, HotelClub’s Terms and Conditions and HotelClub’s Privacy Policy. In particular, when submitting content to an interactive feature, that content must:

• Be written by you, reflect your personal experience, and be your own independent and personal opinion or experience.
• Be accurate and truthful.
• Be written by a person aged 18 or older.
• Be written in English using commonly accepted standards of spelling and grammar.
• Be written without profanity, threats, libelous or prejudiced comments, or references to violent or illegal activity (to be determined by HotelClub in its sole discretion).
• Be submitted only one time.
• Not include personal information, i.e., information that can be attributed to a specific individual, including yourself (for example: full names, telephone numbers, physical address, email address).
• Not include any information that infringes the rights of another person or company, such as the trademark, copyright, or rights of privacy or publicity of another.
• Not include any content that includes business solicitation or advertising of any kind.
• Not direct website users to third party websites.
• Be applicable to other travelers.
• Be free from false statements or unlawful remarks (to be determined by HotelClub in its sole discretion).
• Be free from HTML tags or URLs.

In addition, when using these features, you agree to adhere to the HotelClub Terms and Conditions, in particular, you agree that you will be truthful, you will not use the system to harass or falsely accuse other users. You also agree that you will not attempt to impersonate any person or organization, including that you will not falsely represent that you are an employee of HotelClub or otherwise affiliated with or endorsed by HotelClub.

In conclusion, remember that the member opinions expressed are those of our members, and not of HotelClub.