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Daydream’s Living Reef Wins Best Tourist Attraction at Whitsunday Tourism Awards

How can one adequately do justice to the pristine Whitsunday Islands? Where to even begin? The gorgeous archipelago off the coast of Airlie Beach and Conway National Park in Queensland, Australia combines phenomenal natural beauty and peerless recreation in one truly exceptional package. This much is for certain. But as always, this bit of hyperbole is only the tip of the iceberg.

A little lay of the land and geography lesson first. Airlie Beach, the primary gateway to the Whitsundays, is approximately 1,000 km north of Brisbane, 620 km south of Cairns in Far North Queensland and a mere 275 km south of Townsville. The islands that make up the vast archipelago provide a remarkable vantage point from which to discover the spectacular Great Barrier Reef. While not the only gateway to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Whitsundays may just be the best. The massive reef system after all, inimitable world wonder that it is, resides within the Coral Sea on the doorstep of the enviable island group.

There are many inherent destinations to consider among the islands of the Whitsundays. The archipelago actually consists of four distinct island groups, with over fifty islands in total. Some of the most notable include Whitsunday Island itself, Hamilton Island, Lindeman Island and South Molle Island. Whitsunday Islands National Park protects thirty-two islands in the chain and administers a first-class stewardship program. While all significant options, potential visitors to the Whitsundays should definitely give Daydream Island Resort and Spa a close look.

Part of the Molle Group of the Whitsundays, Daydream Island is a short catamaran ride from Great Barrier Reef Airport on Hamilton Island and a quick mainland transfer from Abel Point Marina. The island is a tidy 1 km by 0.4 km – just enough to encompass a paradisal escape for a week or two. Already a popular staple in the pantheon of brilliant Whitsundays destinations, Daydream Island Resort and Spa recently won another impressive decoration at the 2010 Whitsunday Tourism Awards.

The resort is no stranger to hospitality triumphs. From AFTA National Travel Industry finalist for “Best Hotel Resort Australia 2010″ to “Best Family Resort”
Luxury Travel Magazine Gold List, the Daydream Island gem has been a virtual podium-finish lock since 2002. Add one more to the Daydream trophy cabinet in the form of “Best Attraction” for the entire Whitsundays.

Never mind that the resort had home-court advantage as the host of the 2010 Whitsunday Tourism Awards. Daydream Island Resort and Spa’s “Living Reef” attraction is a nonpareil point of interest, not only in the Whitsundays but indeed, Queensland and Australia. As a complement and foremost precursor to a Great Barrier Reef tour, the aquarium-cum-man-made-lagoon is a marvel to behold. The fact of the matter is that few other attractions of this nature offer such intimate and raw access to rare and vivid marine life. Throw in a magnificent Daydream Island backdrop and you have the foundation for a pre-eminent holiday to remember. No other island resort in the area offers Daydream Resort and Spa’s first-class combination of spa indulgence, deluxe comfort and supreme family-fun recreation. Indeed, the results from the most recent Whitsunday Tourism Awards ceremony just confirm what legions of visitors already know about the Daydream Island destination.

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