The Five Best Dance Clubs in Los Angeles

The Los Angeles bar and nightclub scene is huge, offering so many diverse experiences that anyone should find something to their liking. But all the top Hollywood actors, pop-stars and Los Angeles A-listers only consider a handful of night spots, when they decide to go out on the town. Let’s have a look at the five best dance clubs in LA:

Mayan Club
Crazy People
Located in an old building, built in 1927, the Mayan is an exclusive resort that features one of the hottest dance clubs in Los Angeles. Focused mainly on salsa, the Mayan sports a dark atmosphere and Mayan decorations, worthy of its name. If you’re planning on having a wild night at the Mayan, make sure you dress to impress, because this place is really serious when it comes to the dress code. Put simply, if you don’t meet the requirements, you’re not getting in. The Mayan Club is famous for its over-the-top Diamond Room, a VIP retreat where private servers will accommodate your every desire. The only downside is everyone still has to go back to their Los Angeles hotels, in the morning.

Reputed as having the most incredible sound system in all Los Angeles, Vanguard really is at the forefront of the club zone, at least as far as house music is concerned. Featuring a 20,000 square feet dance floor, Vanguard is a prime example of how to turn a hangar into one of the coolest night spots in the world. This place is literally huge, but it’s also pretty damn popular, so don’t be surprised if you see a long crowd waiting at the entrance.

Digital Pics 540
Located right across the street from the legendary Capitol Records studio, Avalon is widely recognized as one of the hottest party spots in Los Angeles. This fun mega-club features an 800 person-capacity dance floor, where renowned deejays spin mainly hip-hop and techno tracks, as well as an outside patio, where you can mingle with the A-listers or dance to the beats. Formerly known as “The Palace”, Avalon has reinvented itself to offer its guest the best nightclub experience in Los Angeles.

Circus Disco
Featuring three dance floors and a patio, for partying under the stars, Circus Disco still manages to pack a full house every night of the week. Able to accommodate up to 2,000 people, all eager to party until dawn, Circus Disco is one of the liveliest places on the Los Angeles nightclub scene. Some of the city’s best DJ’s spin hits that vary from techno, to salsa, disco and hip-hop, making sure everybody’s taken care of. Located on Santa Monica Boulevard, Circus Disco is one place you won’t soon forget.

club Mood
Designed as a temple representing “the conflict of religion and debauchery” Mood is inspired by the exotic Balinese culture. The 4,800 square foot nightclub is decorated with various elements brought in straight from South East Asia, including ancient temple bells and uniquely carved doors, made from teak and slabs of stone. Located on the famous Hollywood Boulevard, Mood comes alive on weekends, when LA’s hot-and-bothered come here to shake their money-makers to music that ranges from hip-hop to 80’s hits.

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Long Beach Bars says on August 25th, 2010 at 7:39 pm:

I want to try going to the Vanguard I heard that its the place to be.


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