The Charming Budapest, Culture and Architecture

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Known as the “Queen of the Danube”, Budapest is the most fascinating and romantic city in Hungary, that abounds in history and culture. Situated on the picturesque Danube river, flanked by the Buda Hills on the west and the Great Plains on the east, the mesmerizing city of Budapest is full of surprises. That’s why we’ve decided to put you on a virtual tour, that will show you how beautiful Budapest can be.

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Built on the southern tip of Castle Hill and famous for its medieval history, the Buda Castle is a fortification system and palace that the Hungarian kings used as a residence.

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One of the most popular and sought after tourist attractions of the district, is the Fishermen’s Bastion that stuns with a panoramic view of the entire city and an intriguing fusion of the Neo-gothic, Neo-Romanesque and the Baroque architecture. Just make sure you have enough batteries and space for all the pictures you’re going to take in here …

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With a rough history during the Turkish occupation, the Coronation Church of Our Lady or commonly known as Matthias Church, has been constructed in the florid late Gothic style in 1015. An amazing building part of the Buda Castle District, the church will definitely steal a great deal of time to any passionate photographer.

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After you spend some time on the Castle Hill, you’ll definitely pass over the Széchenyi Chain Bridge. Designed by the English engineer William Tierney Clark in 1839 it’s the first bridge over Danube. Guarded by a pair of lions at both sides and beautifully lit at night, it’s one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Just make sure you also get to see it at night – it’s stunning!

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Another notable landmark in Budapest, the Parliament Building is not just an amazing tourist destination, but also one of Europe’s oldest legislative buildings. Located in Kossuth Lajos Square, the imposing building was built in a Gothic Revival style with similarities to the Palace of Westminster in UK. It’s also the second largest Parliament in Europe.

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From the Parliament and forward on the intimate streets, eventually you’ll find the Heroes Square (Hosok tere) at the end of Andrassy Avenue. With a 47 ton monolith memorial dedicated to Hungarian Heroes standing in the center, with the Museum of Fine Arts on the left and Palace of Art on the right, Heroes Square is an amazing commemoration for more than 1,000 years of history.

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Budapest has several other wonderful sites to explore with each one surpassing the other in beauty and design. Churches, the Saint Stephen’s Basilica, museums and parks are all worth a visit. However, you shouldn’t forget to check the restaurants, cafes, fashion outlets or souvenir shops on Vaci utca. It’s the main pedestrian thoroughfare and the most known street in Budapest, where you can try a Hungarian beer or a traditional Gulyás.

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The city’s rich culture heritage and the historical background that follows it, make Budapest all the more desirable holiday destination. That’s why it attracts millions of tourists year after year. Since we loved it, make sure you tell us how your trip went.

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