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    Best April Festivals in the World

    We gushed over March’s global festival offerings a scant for weeks ago but, now, faced with April’s heady tidings, we’re champing at the bit. April begins by making fools out of us all but the month where seasons pivot and turn is a gamechanger in terms of events, festivals and processions the world over. We’ve […]

    Best March Festivals Around the World

    Our contenders for top global festival month were, at one point in time and for a variety of reasons, July, December and February. But then, in conducting research for this post, we started to dig up some choice events in the month of March. Turns out the third month of the year is a pretty […]

    12 Oscars Hot Spots in Los Angeles

    The 85th Academy Awards take place this Sunday, February 24 and the big question on everyone’s minds – other than whether host Seth MacFarlane will out-offensive Ricky Gervais – is: where the party at? We, so in the know as usual, may just have a few ideas. With that, discover twelve top L.A. hot spots […]

    Sydney Mardi Gras 2013

    They may call it Mardi Gras but the Southern Hemisphere’s foremost LGBTIQ pride parade and festival perseveres way past Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. Sydney Mardi Gras, in fact, is one of the premier festivals on the planet – period – and lasts just shy of a full month. Sydney Mardi Gras 2013 is a […]

    Where to Observe Black History Month in the U.S.

    So long as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream of racial harmony proves bafflingly elusive in the United States of America, Black History Month will endure as a crucial conduit to promote cultural awareness and tolerance. Moreover, the annual February observance can be a lot of fun. With that, discover where to commune with the roots […]

    New Zealand: The Most Anticipated Events of 2013

    Whether for food and wine, adventure and sport or music and culture, New Zealand has it all on tap in 2013 – most notably this summer and autumn. With that, get the scoop on some of the best events and festivals from Southland to Northland.

    Most Bizarre Festivals in the World

    Film festivals, jazz festivals, art festivals and food festivals too normal and banal for you? Discover ten festivals that push the envelope.

    Most Important Art Fairs in the World

    They’re hip, avant-garde, experimental and progressive and unite the cognoscenti of the art world. From New York City to Hong Kong, these eleven art fairs steer the way.