Eating Raw Meat in Ethiopia

    In Ethiopia, it is considered a delicacy to eat fresh raw beef, goat or camel meat. They kill the animal, and eat the meat right away dipped in a spicy sauce. This began centuries ago when bushmen couldn’t start fires to cook the meat to keep from being seen by enemies. You need to a […]

    Scottish Castle Built in North Carolina?

    A Scottish castle was built in 1832 that served as a gold refinery in North Carolina. During the California gold rush everyone left the area, and the castle fell to ruins. It was restored in the 1980s by its current owner. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

    Obama Election Rally at Grant Park in Chicago

    While I usually don’t post anything political, this was a significant event in the United States on November 4, where the first black man, Barack Obama, was elected President of the United States. But more importantly, his election has seemed to give the country new hope. This rally in Grant Park, Chicago, the home city […]

    Halloween Parade in the Village – NYC

    Most Americans will agree that the Halloween parade in New York City’s Village is one of the best in the country. There’s a huge turnout every year with New Yorkers dressed in every crazy, scary, sexy costume they can dream up. Check out some of the best dressed at this year’s Haloween Parade 2008: You […]

    New York City Bike Messengers Race

    To get a delivery from one end of the City to another, Fed Ex simply won’t do. Bike Messengers are a critical part of the economy in NYC. They are the best option to get through the busy streets of the city in a hurry. Bike Messengers get paid on the weight and speed of […]

    Multi-Touch CityWall in Helsinki

    In Helsinki, Finland a large multi-touch display screen was launched this month called CityWall. This large touch screen allows people to use a 3D graphical user interface to access photos, messages, and videos, and add notes to each. You can add your own images and CityWall automatically pulls Youtube video and Flickr photos with the […]

    Wacky Wheels: Mini-Rickshaw and a Phone Car

    We’ve all taken some strange transportation, but these two vehicles take the cake! Check out the Mini-Rickshaw, which is half Mini Cooper and half rickshaw in Beijing. It was designed by the owner of a Mini Cooper dealership. Another clever business man created the phone car to promote his telecom company. It’s built on a […]

    Monkeys Work in a Restaurant

    In a sake tavern in Ursunomiya, Japan two monkeys work in the restaurant. They work only 2 hours a day because of the local animal regulations. They are given boiled soybeans as tips! Watch them in action… You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video