Sydney short breaks mean we can’t wait for the weekend

    When I roam a short distance from Sydney, my thought process is: ‘I can’t believe how close this beautiful place is.’ Invariably followed by: ‘Why haven’t I been here before now?’ Whether you seek small-town seasonal charm, world-class food and wine, family-friendly outdoor adventures or high-end hotel pampering, there are a multitude of charming destinations […]

    Sunset over Sydney

    Sydneysiders are a fortunate lot for many reasons. One superficial, yet vital one we think, is the profusion of epic sunsets on hand over Sydney Harbour. This footage, generously taken by one patient individual, offers a glimpse of what it feels like to gaze out over the Opera House and Harbour Bridge at dusk. G’night […]

    People Rush to Save Pod of Dolphins

    Every so often a news story trickles in about incredible acts of dolphin bravery. ‘Bottlenose saves local fisherman’, ‘Dolphin pod drives shark from surfers’ and so on. In this remarkable video, however, a bunch of beachgoers return the favour. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

    New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

    The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival kicks off April 26 and sports a spectacular lineup that includes everyone from The Black Keys and Frank Ocean to Phoenix and Patti Smith and, most notably, the usual hodgepodge of zydeco, blues, funk and jazz legends. This promo clips makes us want to get up, dance and […]

    Coachella Promo 2013

    Coachella, one of the pillar arts and music festivals in the world, gets underway in the California desert outside of Los Angeles in two weeks. This innovative clip is the perfect tune-up. You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Los Angeles City Guide

    Lil Buck Goes to China

    Lil Buck is a new star on the contemporary dance scene. The dance for which he is famous, however, is no ordinary form but “jookin”. The dance originated in the streets of Memphis in the 1990s but what Lil Buck has done is popularise and take the genre to a different stratosphere altogether – most […]

    Toyo Ito Wins 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize

    It’s rare that architecture’s top prize generates a lot of controversy but, by the same token, it’s also rare that the prize generates the kind of joyful unanimity of opinion that sprang out of Toyo Ito’s win last week. The Tokyo-based architect has left innovative imprints all over Japan since the late 1970s and, slowly […]

    Chris Hadfield’s Space Kitchen

    This is a travel video of a completely different sort. Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut and, according to Forbes, “perhaps the most social media savvy astronaut ever to leave Earth” has blown up YouTube and Twitter with his riveting observations, photographs and videos taken from the International Space Station. This particular one that explains how […]