25 Useful Travel Items, Gadgets and Accessories

    You’re about to make use of that round-the-world fare and left your packing for the last minute. No worries. Here’s a checklist of 25 useful items, gadgets and accessories you’ll be be thankful to have while abroad.

    Cool Gadgets to Help Document Your Travels

    If you love gadgets, love to travel and feel the incessant need to chronicle every second, look no further. These fifteen tech-savvy products are next-level and give you the best bang for your buck.

    Weekly Travel Q&A: Best iPad Travel Apps

    I have a round-the-world ticket that will take me to Buenos Aires, Marrakech, Berlin and Shanghai (among other places) later this year and in 2013. I plan to pack light but will of course cram my iPad with as much music, books and apps as possible. With that, any particular travel apps you recommend? Jeremy […]

    5 Ingenious Travel Gadgets

    It seems like yesterday when the only “gadget” you ever thought to bring on holiday was a disposable camera and, maybe, a digital watch with a tip calculator (like the Casio your Aunt Fay snail-mailed for your bar mitzvah). Today of course, gadgets are absolutely de rigueur and come in a dizzying array of iterations. […]