10 Useful Travel Apps

    How in the world did we ever manage before the advent of travel apps? How did we ever fire off directions to our hotel in Kazakh? Navigate the bowels of Shinjuku Station? Book a last-minute ferry to Sardinia? Hunt down the best pho bo in Vietnam? Yes, indeed, the pre-travel app world was a strange […]

    How To Get The Best Out Of Your Mobile Device While Travelling

    Nowadays travellers place as much importance on remembering to pack their mobile device as their passport. Where once too cumbersome or expensive to take on a trip, the modern mobile device – whether laptop, tablet or smartphone – is now an essential part of travel. In a recent poll, 50 per cent of people said […]

    Weekly Travel Q&A: Best iPad Travel Apps

    I have a round-the-world ticket that will take me to Buenos Aires, Marrakech, Berlin and Shanghai (among other places) later this year and in 2013. I plan to pack light but will of course cram my iPad with as much music, books and apps as possible. With that, any particular travel apps you recommend? Jeremy […]

    iPhone App Guide to Asia

    Think your fave iPhone apps come in handy in Sydney, London or New York City? Try Shanghai, Tokyo or Seoul. The best iPhone apps have become requisite tools of the trade for foreign visitors to Asia. Check out some of the best. Find! TOKYO by Enfour Shibuya ward, Tokyo – Photo credit Tokyo can be […]

    Top Photography Apps for your iPhone/Android

    As the pixels in camera phones become mega macho, digital cameras are getting ditched, only to gather dust. While Photography apps on iPhone have the bigger bite of the apple, Android apps are seriously getting injected with juice. Here’s the cool list to get you snap-appy! Polarize price: free Available: iPhone Many days have been passed […]

    Best New York City Travel Apps

    With so much inherent buzz, so much virility and as the standout global hive of activity, it stands to reason that New York City should be on the cusp of city app supremacy. Tech-savvy visitors to The Big Apple, for one, can already download a series of enlightening podcasts from the Mayor’s Office of Film, […]

    10 Fun and Useful Travel Apps

    Apps, apps, apps everywhere. A word that barely existed in our collective lexicon a few short years ago is now as ubiquitous as “email” or “Internet”. With hundreds of thousands to choose from, selecting a few choice apps for road trips or travels abroad can be a crippling, near-paralysing affair. Where to start? Which developers […]