Interview with Paul Orlando, Hong Kong’s Global Startup Expert

    Startups need all the help they can get. So when someone like Paul Orlando comes around, offering expert advice and critical resources, it is a rare treat for entrepreneurs and their budding businesses. With first-hand experience founding a New York startup and working with lots of other founders, Paul has a wealth of insight to […]

    25 Useful Travel Items, Gadgets and Accessories

    You’re about to make use of that round-the-world fare and left your packing for the last minute. No worries. Here’s a checklist of 25 useful items, gadgets and accessories you’ll be be thankful to have while abroad.

    10 Useful Travel Apps

    How in the world did we ever manage before the advent of travel apps? How did we ever fire off directions to our hotel in Kazakh? Navigate the bowels of Shinjuku Station? Book a last-minute ferry to Sardinia? Hunt down the best pho bo in Vietnam? Yes, indeed, the pre-travel app world was a strange […]

    Weird and Wonderful Vending Machines Around the World

    They provide us with tabloid newspapers, second-rate coffee, fatty, salty, sugary bites in a pinch and, yes, when the occasion calls for it, contraception. Ah, vending machines. Is there anything they can’t do? Perhaps more aptly, the question is, is there anything they can’t package, stuff into and sell from a vending machine? As we […]

    Best Platforms to Document Your Travels

    You have only to teleport two decades to recall a time when wanderlusters had only to stow a camera, some film, a notebook and pen to document that trip to Nepal. Today the pressure is on to not only document your holiday but to do so with the eye and technical expertise of a Martin […]

    Cool Gadgets to Help Document Your Travels

    If you love gadgets, love to travel and feel the incessant need to chronicle every second, look no further. These fifteen tech-savvy products are next-level and give you the best bang for your buck.

    Travel Experts Survey 2012: The Results Are In!

    If you’ve ever wanted to become a travel writer, you’ve probably wondered about the tools and resources the pros use to make their jobs possible. The trade secrets of those who successfully turn international adventures into paychecks are an enticing mystery. Does the key lie in social networking? Is it finding the right technology that […]

    10 Extraordinary Eco Hotels

    While common sense dictates that to minimise waste is to maximise profits, the pace of progress at hotels big and small has often been glacial. A paradigm shift, however, is the best way to describe the green outlook of the global hospitality industry of late. Not only do more big hotel brands plug eco-standards in […]