The World’s Top Mythical Creatures… And Where To Find Them

    Bigfoot Where: North America Also known as yeti, sasquatch or the abominable snowman, Bigfoot is an ape-like, man-sized creature who is believed to live in the forests in the north-western United States. The legend of Bigfoot has fascinated people for decades, since a grainy 1967 film clip emerged showing a giant ape walking along the […]

    How Travel in the Movies Really Turns Out

    Travelling in the movies is great, isn’t it? The lead characters always get where they’re going without a hiccup, meet someone they fall in love with and invariably have an adventure of a lifetime (OK, Titanic might be the exception to the rule, but even then Kate Winslet ticked two out of the three boxes.) […]

    Cute Animals That Aren’t So Cute

    Some animals aren’t very good at hiding their intentions. For example, if you happen to (be unlucky enough to) bump into a shark or crocodile on your travels, there’s not much chance of you mistaking its sharp teeth, beady eyes and predatory stalking for an animal that is looking to be hugged or tickled under […]

    Five Famous Explorers Who Didn’t Come Back

    The whole point of being an intrepid explorer is to revel in the fame and fortune when you return home and eventually slink off into retirement with your own show on the Travel Channel. Well, that would be why I’d do it, anyway… Unfortunately, some discoverers never got to enjoy the easy life after they […]

    The Greatest Travellers of All Time

    When it comes to famous travellers and explorers, things ain’t what they used to be. Back when travelling was in its infancy, the most famous explorers were those who danced with danger, made amazing discoveries and introduced the world to new cultures. These days we have to put up with over-enthusiastic travel channel wannabes and […]

    4 Trips That Changed the World

    How many times have you had a friend come back from a long trip and say: “I feel like a changed person”? It’s a common tune for travellers who have been away for a sustained period of time and the reason a lot of us like to get away from it all in the first […]

    A Whimsical Look at Characteristics of Different Travellers

    Forging conclusions about the behaviours and mores of different nationalities is always a thorny issue and often flies in the face of political correctness. Yet, as human beings, we can’t help it. Synthesising observations about groups of people – be they from a specific country, social class, métier or even body type – is a […]

    What Your Holiday Wardrobe Says About You

    Mark Twain once said: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” While the cast from The Girls Next Door might have something to say about that, when it comes to your travel wardrobe, the author of the greatest road trip book of all-time hit the nail on the head. […]