Big Sports Events Summer 2013

    Our look at the top sports events in the 2013 Northern Hemisphere summer includes slam dunks, sticky wickets and bikinis, of a sort.

    Best Surf School Destinations in the World

    It probably makes more bucket lists than any other sport in the world, outside of camel polo. After all, there is just no way you can look at a bloke like Kelly Slater (most successful pro surfer in history) and not say, “That looks like good times – I need to try that sometime.” These […]

    Top 10 Cycling Events in the World

    The likes of Lance Armstrong haven’t exactly burnished the collective image of competitive, non-motorised, two-wheeled recreation. Still, there are plenty of decent cycling ambassadors out there and lots of phenomenal, iconic events to behold. For proof, just check out this pedal-powered top 10.

    12 Spectacular Ski Resorts

    With the onset of the 47th FIS Alpine Ski World Cup season upon us, we thought it high time to reflect on stellar ski resorts around the world. From the Andes to the Alps, Canada to New Zealand, discover a dozen of the most spectacular.

    Top 10 Sports Events in 2013

    By and large, post-Summer Olympic Games calendar years barely register a blip on the sports and athletics competition radar. Not so 2013, however, as this top 10 proves.

    Heroes of London Olympics 2012 Infographic

    The first wave of the Olympics may be over, but there’s no doubt that the air is still buzzing in the build up to the Paralympics. The host nation did exceptionally well, winning many gold medals and giving birth to several new stars in the process. The biggest Team GB fans here at HotelClub have […]