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    This is the most famous hotel in Hawaii

    Famed for its lush coastline, an endless supply of warm rays and world-class waves that march to shore and lure surfers year-round (particularly in the winter months, when the swells are bigger and the stakes higher), Oahu – the most iconic of the Hawaiian islands – is both a postcard landscape and a prized natural […]

    Australia’s 13 best long weekend road trips

    Like Robin Hood to the people of Nottingham and Kanye West to himself, the Queen of England is the hero to (excluding the residents of West Oz) pretty much every Australian locked in the nine-to-five grind. Why? Once a year, citizens of the land down under are bestowed a glorious three-day weekend courtesy of the Queen’s birthday – and, really, there ain’t much sweeter than […]

    Bali and Thailand’s Best Wedding Destinations

    With the cost of tying the knot averaging $50,000, it’s little wonder that many couples are opting for destination weddings over more traditional affairs. Combining your wedding and honeymoon can save your budget and your blood pressure. That said, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable venue or your dream wedding could […]

    Best Spa Hotels in Australia

    When your backyard combines World Heritage rainforests, islands, national parks and cosmopolitan capitals like Sydney and Melbourne, the chance that a world-class spa hotel proliferates is more than likely. In a tireless, incessant quest to compile the most therapeutic haunts in Australia, take a look at ten of the best spa hotels in the country, […]

    10 Fab Resorts in the South Pacific

    When you need a holiday – truly, desperately need a holiday – to unwind from workaday life, destress, decompress, let go of 9 to 5 cares or just forget about reality, few places on the planet provide a cocoon of calm like the South Pacific. With that firmly in mind, we present 10 fab resorts […]

    HotelClub Londonist Competition

    Thank you very much to everyone who entered the HotelClub competition on the Londonist blog over Christmas! The lucky winner was Jason Davies from Staffordshire, who won a stay with his wife at the shiny new InterContinental Westminster in London for Valentine´s Day.

    12 Hidden Gem Christmas Markets in Europe

    Hard as it is to imagine, Christmas is just ’round the corner and we fancy a different kind of holiday celebration this year. Forget the gifts, forget the pavlova, forget “Six White Boomers”. Just send us to Europe in December for some traditional Christmas market fun.

    10 Ultimate Sunsets

    Idyllic sunsets. They grace postcards and online travel photo albums, haunt daydreams and inspire innate desires to rove. To prod the inner wanderlust in all of us, we introduce (for the purpose of debate) 10 ultimate spots that best exemplify the inexplicable allure of the daily decline and fall of the Sun below the horizon. […]