The power of Feng Shui in Hong Kong

    Feng shui is an ancient Chinese spiritual practice that dates back about 4000 years. With its roots in the earliest human settlements in China, feng shui seeks to create harmony between humans and the natural environments they inhabit. The practice is primarily concerned with the position, orientation, and aesthetics of buildings and objects. From interior […]

    Idioms of the World

    We use idioms to pepper our speech and writing, often without even realising we’re doing it. These odd little phrases are used to express a sentiment other than their literal meaning. It doesn’t really rain cats and dogs, as the world and his wife knows. I’ve always been fascinated by foreign idioms; they give us […]

    Hong Kong – The Gourmet’s Guide

    There is no place quite like Hong Kong. This eastern oasis boasts a remarkable density of restaurants, ranging from little known hole-in-the-wall jewels to top Michelin-starred establishments where reservations must be made weeks in advance. Hong Kong’s unique position as an independently governed city-state within China has allowed it to develop a distinct culture, cuisine, […]

    Is Hong Kong the New Tech Hub of China?

    By now, it’s more-or-less inevitable that China will become Asia’s next major tech hub. With a bigger workforce than anywhere else on Earth, the country is currently being fought over by many of tech’s giants, hoping to secure a slice of this emerging mega-market. But where is this coming tech explosion going to take place? […]

    The Evolution of Tennis Technology [Infographic]

    The rules of tennis may have changed little over the years but few other sports have been as dramatically impacted by the advancement of technology as tennis. With the Australian Open coming to a close this week we thought it might be a good time to take a look at all the ways technology has […]

    Travel Experts Survey 2012: The Results Are In!

    If you’ve ever wanted to become a travel writer, you’ve probably wondered about the tools and resources the pros use to make their jobs possible. The trade secrets of those who successfully turn international adventures into paychecks are an enticing mystery. Does the key lie in social networking? Is it finding the right technology that […]

    Heroes of London Olympics 2012 Infographic

    The first wave of the Olympics may be over, but there’s no doubt that the air is still buzzing in the build up to the Paralympics. The host nation did exceptionally well, winning many gold medals and giving birth to several new stars in the process. The biggest Team GB fans here at HotelClub have […]

    Best Family Holiday Destinations in Australia

    With the Australian school holidays coming around four times a year, it can be easy to fall into the trap of always going back to the same trusted holiday destination, maybe this year its time for something new? That’s why we have put together this infographic to demonstrate just how many amazing destinations there are […]