Fun and Frivolity in Fiji

    Where did the genie go that conjured up Sonaisali Island Resort? At just under half an hour from Nadi Airport, yet seemingly worlds away from everywhere, this haven of relaxation should be renamed “This is it!” At first glance, it would appear as if the whole part of this world has been photoshopped. Where perfectly […]

    The World’s Top Mythical Creatures… And Where To Find Them

    Bigfoot Where: North America Also known as yeti, sasquatch or the abominable snowman, Bigfoot is an ape-like, man-sized creature who is believed to live in the forests in the north-western United States. The legend of Bigfoot has fascinated people for decades, since a grainy 1967 film clip emerged showing a giant ape walking along the […]

    Follow the Rainbow Checklist For A Better Trip

    Trying to remember all you need to do before heading off on a trip can be one of the hardest parts of travelling. I used to be an inveterate list maker, scribbling ‘Don’t forget’ reminders on scraps of papers and pinning them to my wall until it looked like one of those collages the FBI […]

    Best Songs to Enter a Country To

    Forget suntan lotion, swimming costumes and a flashy pair of sunnies: the perfect playlist is the most important travel accessory. Specific songs not only soundtrack your travels – they also transport you back after you return home. But above all, it is paramount to set the tone for a trip upon arrival. With that, cue […]

    The Greatest Travellers of All Time

    When it comes to famous travellers and explorers, things ain’t what they used to be. Back when travelling was in its infancy, the most famous explorers were those who danced with danger, made amazing discoveries and introduced the world to new cultures. These days we have to put up with over-enthusiastic travel channel wannabes and […]

    How to Make the Most of Your Travels

    It’s not about getting bumped up to first class. It’s not about shopping or scoring awesome souvenirs. It’s not about what you put in your suitcase. No, how to make the most of your travels is a little more esoteric and profound. Have a look at our top tips.

    10 Classic Tourism Ads

    A good tourism campaign can inspire – think Jamaica’s “One Love”, Bob Marley ads – or befuddle (just YouTube “North Korea tourism”). These ten spots emerge as some of the most classic in the genre for a variety of reasons.

    Most Bicycle Friendly Cities

    Walkability score is the new “it” set of data for progressive urbanites who want to brag to mates in the suburbs about how close they live to organic grocers, alternative bookstores, twee fair trade cafés and, most notably, the office. In truth, the score is a powerful and persuasive argument for the drive less, live […]