How to Travel on Budget

    How much to budget per day on a week-long holiday or epic round-the-world trip is the million dollar question. The answer is intensely personal, of course, and depends on various circumstances. These top tips, however, apply to just about every type of traveller.

    Most Annyoing Things About Flying

    A recent survey by an online UK travel agent revealed that travellers find noisy kids and a lack of legroom the most annoying things about air travel. Drunken passengers, bad food and seat kickers also make the list of pet peeves at 30,000 feet. While screaming young ‘uns and unplanned seat yoga sessions are definitely […]

    Best Pay-In Airport Lounges

    Pay-in airport lounges allow us, the non-first-class frequent flyer, to indulge in some pre-departure, layover largesse. So, excuse us, but while you slump miserably at the gate in a stupor, we will be in the nap room with a massage therapist.

    How to Avoid the No Fly List

    Few travel snafus trump being put on a ‘no fly’ list. Think about it: You are never allowed to fly again. That’s a serious inconvenience to even the once-a-year holiday-=maker who wants a break in a warmer clime. The most infamous no fly list is held by the U.S. Terrorist Screening Centre (TSC), which has […]

    Most Avant-Garde Airport Terminals in the World

    First-class airports: they make the rigors of long-distance travel that much more palatable. Sadly, too few make the cut when it comes to logistical proficiency. Efficiency is nice but it helps, too, to look good, which these airport terminals all pull off with aplomb.