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    Where to get up and close with Australian wildlife on the Gold Coast

    As well as its pristine beaches, world-renowned surf breaks, theme parks and night life, Queensland’s Gold Coast is also a perfect place to experience all things creepy, crawly or cuddly. Whether it’s reptiles such as a Bearded Dragon or Carpet python, or mammals such as Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Common Brushtail Possum, Koala, Echidna or bats […]

    The Best Singapore Family Blogs of 2013

    As one of the cleanest, greenest and safest countries in the world, Singapore is an ideal place to raise a family, or to visit with young children. The city-state offers an abundance of parks and open spaces such as the Botanic Gardens, as well as numerous child-friendly events and play centres, like those found on […]

    What’s Happening on Australia Day 2014

    Your Australia Day Social Planner The Australia Day long weekend holds a special place in the hearts of Aussies – as well as helping us through the January back-to-work slump, it provides a good excuse to beat our chests about this great land of ours. From beer can throwing to rubber ducky races, there are […]

    5 Adventurous Reasons to Travel to Singapore with Your Kids

    A buzzing hive of activity, chaos and full-on sensory overload, Singapore may not instantly strike you as the most suitable destination for your annual family holiday. But as the city matures and finds its feet, it is rapidly becoming a firm favourite for demanding families looking for a fresh and dynamic holiday getaway. A modern […]

    Top ten things to give your family a top time in Bali

    Bali. A place with a reputation for everything – and good times is certainly at the top of that list. But what if I want to give my family top priority, I hear you ask? Well let’s visit a bunch of really fun, family spots that’ll top off a great family holiday. Once landed at […]

    Whale watching in Australia

    This year is set to be an incredible whale watching season with over 15,000 whales expected to grace Australia’s coastlines. There is an abundance of great whale watching destinations in Australia. Check out our guide on the Best Whale Watching Destinations in Australia that details everything from recommended tour companies, events/festivals and of course where […]

    How to Sightsee in Cold Weather

    Sydney may have hit an all-time record of 45.3 degrees Celsius on January 18 but in Montreal, the city where I currently reside, and, indeed, up and down the Upper Midwest and Eastern Seaboard of the United States and Canada, we froze that very same week in windchills of minus 40 degrees Celsius. For those […]

    How to Travel on a Budget

    How much to budget per day on a week-long holiday or epic round-the-world trip is the million dollar question. The answer is intensely personal, of course, and depends on various circumstances. These top tips, however, apply to just about every type of traveller.