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    An interview with the Gold Coast’s local experts

    We chat to the Gold Coasts’ local experts to find out everything from their top tips on restaurants, fashion, kids activities, walks, bars and more to help you avoid the tourist traps and enjoy the best the Gold Coast has to offer.   Sechy’s Diary Follow Sechy on Facebook Twitter: @Sechysdiary Sechy is a happy go lucky […]

    An insider’s look at JW Marriott Seoul

    JW Marriott Seoul is by far the best all-around hotel you’ll find in Seoul. Conveniently located in Central City, you can enjoy luxury shopping and fine dining without leaving the complex. As soon as you enter the hotel lobby, you’ll notice floors upon floors of fine dining and luxurious little extras such as a new […]

    A quirky tour of Tokyo

    Here are a few top tips for a quick and quirky tour through Tokyo: 1. Make a few new friends at Ja La La cat café Insider Tip: Pay for 20-30 minute rate – that’s plenty of time to enjoy a cup of rosehip tea and meet all 19 cats 2. Grab a craft beer […]

    A food lover’s guide to Japan

    1. Try the famous negi (Japanese leeks) at Negiya Heikichi in Shibuya. 2. Grab a healthy lunch at Kanoya Athlete Restaurant 3. Explore areas outside Tokyo – cuisine varies by region in Japan. Insider Tip: Catch the Shinkansen from Shinagawa Station To make the most of your time in Japan, stay at the Tokyo Marriott […]

    The experts advice for a luxury Bali escape

    We interview the luxury travel experts for their advice on the best places to spoil yourself for the ultimate relaxing getaway in Bali. In need of some serious pampering? We ask the experts for the low down on the best food, hotels, spa’s, shopping and more to make sure your next trip to Bali is nothing […]

    A luxury lover’s guide to JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul

    Asia’s first boutique JW Marriott located in Seoul’s fashion and shopping district Dongdaemun features a number of restaurants, lounges and luxurious extras worth checking out. We’ve uncovered a few insider tips during our stay at JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square 1. Grab a coffee and pastry from the Seoul Baking Company Insider Tip: Executive Pastry Chef […]

    New York in style according to the experts

    We ask New York City’s local experts for their top tips on the best places to dine, sleep, play, shop and be pampered for the ultimate luxury New York experience. Anyone who has ever been a fan of classic New York series such as Sex in the City or Mad Men has dreamt of that ultimate […]

    6 must-try experiences in the Yarra Valley

    It’s no surprise at all; Melbourne was recently voted the most livable city in the world. When compared to the likes of New York or London, the 4 million people strong city of Melbourne may seem a little small in size but let me tell you it’s punching well above its weight. I’ve spent my […]