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    Tarragona – the Balcony of the Mediterranean

    In the region of Catalunya or Catalonia, in Spain, one can find one of the most impressive examples of the Mediterranean landscape, culture, life and style. Catalonia is different from other similar regions in Spain, since it has a different language, people that price their authenticity and traditions, but also a cosmopolitan, modern and European […]

    A Visitor’s Guide to Port Douglas, Australia

    Nestled in Australia’s state of Queensland is the beautiful city of Port Douglas. Surrounded by tropical rainforests and barrier reefs, this spectacular destination is overflowing with incredible sights and activities bound to keep visitors of all ages busy throughout the entirety of their stay. We’re sure you’ll have an amazing time whether you choose a […]

    Samaria – Crete’s Rocky Walls

    A deep ravine, having in some places even vertical screens, rips the banks of the rivers and the high mountains on the western side of Crete Island, in Greece. On more than 18 kilometers, the Samaria Gorge meanders through the White Mountains (Lefka Ori), sometimes higher or sometimes wider and their mountainsides glow in the […]

    The 9 Best Pet Friendly Hotels in North America

    What’s a family vacation without the entire family? While some groups prefer sending Fido to the local kennel while they embark on a week or two of fun abroad, others prefer taking members of their extended family with them. Believe it or not, there are plenty of hotels around the world that welcome pets. Find […]

    Turkey’s best beaches

    For most of us, Turkey isn’t the first country that springs to mind when it comes to holidaying on the Mediterranean. The Greek Islands, Spain and Italy are more obvious choices. But if sun, sea and food make you tick, Turkey is seriously worth considering. Stretching from Europe all the way to the Middle East, […]

    Siena – Horse Races in a Medieval City

    Besides the fabulous capital of Rome, Italy has so many cities that are worth seeing. Each one it’s different by its location, surroundings, buildings and people. Siena is one of the major tourist destinations, although it’s not as popular as many other big Italian cities. The medieval flavor of this wonderful city and the Mediterranean […]