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    At Every Bend in the Road there is a…Pani Puri Vala!

    When on the road in India, if you see a mouth so swollen that it looks stuffed, it probably is. The ethic of breaking off small pieces to bite on works on most foods, but when it comes to snacks, we are going to talk of one which requires you to forego all table manners, […]

    Dunns River Falls: A Jamaican Gem

    One of the most popular tourist locations, Jamaica, is known for Reggae music, lush tropical foliage, and beautiful white beaches. Dunn’s River Falls and Parks lives up to the reputation, even managing to exceed expectations as you explore the beauty of these magnificent waterfalls. Dubbed Las Chorreras, meaning springs or waterfalls by the Spaniards, Dunn’s […]

    Aussie Dollar Traveling Far and High

    Australian Dollar is enjoying great times these days. The currency is gaining value against most major currencies, the economy is thriving and people are living good and comfortable lives. After spending so much time and energy earning those dollars it is only fair that the stage is now set for more and more Aussies to […]

    Neuschwanstein Castle: An Architectural Feat

        Ever wondered about the Disney Castles? The castle of the sleeping beauty in Disney Land has a precedent in history itself. Nestled precariously on the side of a mountain, Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria brings to mind fairy tales, stories of knights, princes, princesses and happily ever after. This fantasy-come-to-life was built by the […]

    Tried a Fugu Dinner yet?

    Blowfish or, as the Japanese call it, Fugu is a delicacy that can contain poison enough to be the end of two dozen people at a time in just one bowl of fish. It is yet a delicacy in Japan and one so sought after that if the Fugu dinner costs you upwards of 200$ […]

    The Grand Canyon Skywalk

    Grand Canyon is undeniably one of nature’s wonders. For almost 90 years, the canyon has been attracting tourists from around the world to this; one of the hottest spot in the world. The Grand Canyon National Park has been the main attraction in the area for almost 90 years, receiving an average of around 11,000 […]

    Complete Guide to Kakadu National Park

    Kakadu National Park is located about 170 kilometers east of Darwin, Australia in the Northern Territories. It covers a vast area of about 19,800 square kilometers spanning 200 kilometers north to south and about 100 kilometers from east to west. Kakadu National Park is a diverse ecological reserve composed of major river systems and estuaries, […]

    10 Famous Caves in Europe

    The caves in Europe are some of the largest, deepest, and most unique caves in the world. So if you love to go caving to see the wonders that lie beneath, we’ve compiled a list of the most famous caves in Europe. 1. Lascaux Caves The Lascaux cave system was discovered in 1940 in southern […]