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    Top Five Spring Break Destinations

    1/ Cancun, Mexico is currently the most popular spring break destination among North American college students. With its entire economy planned around party tourism and active marketing for the college student, spring breakers can’t go wrong planning a trip to Cancun. Beautiful beaches, round the clock partying, and good travel deals make Cancun the top […]

    Best Night Clubs to Visit to Find Hollywood Stars

    It’s quite easy to find the spots where the Hollywood stars like to visit. Often times their visits populate the headlines of the paparazzi rags on the day after a particularly fun filled evening. Hollywood is not a huge area encompassed entirely by the city of Los Angeles and can be loosely defined as the […]

    Worst European Food Experience

    Europe is full of thriving cultures and vastly distinctive gastronomic experiences throughout the continent. From fine French food (look out for bourguignon de poulain if you’re a horse lover) to hearty Italian dishes to spicy Hungarian meals the food tourist can have a wealth of experiences trying novel flavors sure to tantalize.

    Best European Food Experience

    The best European food experiences can be had at the smaller “mom and pop” restaurants commonly found in the countryside and at the larger restaurants located in cities not commonly on the itinerary for the international traveler. These restaurants are often owned by the same family for generations and offer local cuisine at its most […]

    London Will Scare you to Death

    With an account behind each brick of the old London city, it is hardly surprising that myths, past events, ghost tales and even supernatural phenomenon have come to be regarded as a part of the its history. For thrill seekers and those who love ghost stories, even real ones, the London Ghost Walks are a […]

    Guide to Catacombs of Paris

    Everyone who has ever visited Paris automatically thinks to visit the Eiffel Tower, enjoy art; the Louvre Museum, and even gaze upon the architect at Notre Dame, but few think of the vast underground quarries beneath the city. The Catacombs of Paris or quarries of Paris, are used limestone quarries that have been converted into […]