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    3 Upcoming Architectural Wonders in the UAE

    We’re moving more and more from rural areas, grasping the sustainable urban development. By 2015, there will be 23 “mega cities”, and 19 of them will be located in developing countries. And the United Arab Emirates is perhaps one of the country with the most famous and anticipated urban projects. To see why any major […]

    5 of the World’s Greatest Oases

    When it comes to summer and the heated days, a few days escaping the hectic city is just what you need. On torrid days, you would like nothing more than escape to an oasis, isolated from all the crowd and summer heat. Take a dip, relax under the shade of the palm trees or surf […]

    Pyramids around the World

    Whenever there is a mention of pyramids, even by the National Geographic, the great Land of the Pharaohs comes to the mind. How pyramids were constructed and the reasons behind these monstrous formations are speculated over thousands and thousands of research pages. While these mysteries remain unsolved, there are ancient and modern pyramids that enthrall […]

    7 Miracles of the World: Most Famous and Remote Locations

    You often felt probably tired from all the stress of city life and wanted to get away from it all. You naturally look for a remote place, where no one can disturb you from your holiday. The following places have inspired writers for generations, have been the hiding place for many outlaws but have remained […]

    Finding your way through the busy Beijing

    ‘Road Sense’… it is an amazing word. For some it means understanding the rules and regulations that apply to people who use the roads, for others you would think that the word or rather the phrase takes up a completely unique and different meaning.

    Explore the ocean without getting wet!

    If you’re in love with the sea and beaches as much as we are, we have found the perfect trip for you. One of the over 50 idyllic islands that constitute the archipelago of the British Virgin Islands can be your dream destination for the upcoming holidays. Even though they can be quite expensive, the […]

    Amazing Thai Cuisine

    Thailand is known for its amazing treats and flavor combinations. The popularity of food is shown as you walk down the street, with a restaurant around every corner. In fact, you can find one about every two hundred feet, the Thai cuisine served at each may be the same, but will not always taste exactly […]

    Travel Ideas: 10 Fastest Growing Cities in the World

    Sometimes a vacation in the sun just isn’t enough to get you on the right track. While some people choose challenging destinations or turquoise waters and golden beaches, others choose to admire great architectural buildings and see just how much a city can grow. If you’re looking for new travel destinations, here are the 10 […]