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    Holidays in Rome

    What could be more attractive than spending your hard-earned holiday in Rome? Rome has been called many names through the ages such as the eternal city, and the city of the seven hills, but no name could capture Rome’s actual grandeur and splendor such as the romance in its actual name does. Being one of […]

    The Harbin Ice Festival

    When you want a unique travel destination or you just want to try something new, the annual Harbin Snow and Ice World. The temperature in Harbin reaches 40 below zero, both Fahrenheit and Celsius, and stays below freezing for more than 6 months at times. Harbin is a city in China, close to the Russian […]

    A Daredevil’s Summit of Ski Slopes

    The majestic beauty of mountainous terrain can be humbling, insignificance against grandeur. If you have a pair of skis on, and the skill to use them, the sight will bring that same appreciation for beauty along with excitement and sheer adrenaline value. Combine the highest peaks with the most treacherous paths back down, and you […]

    Desert Skiing

    There is nothing like the thrill of white powder under your skis, the cold bite of the wind in your face as you fly down the side of a hill, using wits and skill to avoid anything on your path. For anyone living in a desert region however, this is not something obtainable, or is […]

    One world, One family, One festival: Dubai Shopping Festival

    A bustling city that was once a desert, Dubai has grown in a matter of four decades from a city in the middle of nowhere to an important business center of the world. One of the key events that led to Dubai’s growth as a tourist region and shoppers paradise is the foresight of their […]

    Wild and the Wonderful

    When it comes to adventure sports going from one thrilling activity to the next is how the mind proceeds but few think of a location that has it all to offer. We found two spots that can aptly be described as the wild and wonderful natural adventure seeker paradises that can be an adventure packed […]

    5 Hangover holidays for the party animals

    There are many locations around the world that attract tourist for all different reasons. Some places have a special attraction for those in love, some locations are great for nature lovers or thrill seekers, but one more category that attracts a whole bunch of crowd to itself is clubbing or party destination, suited to all […]

    Peaceful Lakeside Retreats for Happy Campers

    Routine life is comfortable and settled, we know what to expect and what is expected of us. But, there are times when routines can start to feel stifling, or worse yet, stressful. Deadlines, demands, expectations, schedules, all can cause anxiety, making us wish we could just get away for a weekend to a quiet spot […]