Barcelona Nightlife: Beyond the Port Olimpic

    In this, the latest of our City Insider blog posts, we asked Duncan Rhodes of Urban Travel Blog to give us his tips on experiencing the authentic side of Barcelona’s nightlife. A veteran of both the Catalan capital, and of partying, here is what he had to say… Barcelona’s nightlife is a rich and complex […]

    A Smokin’ Guide to London’s Best BBQ Restaurants

    The sun’s finally out in Britain and our pasty white skin isn’t the only thing getting grilled! But before you reach for that old rust bucket of a bbq and treat your loved ones to a carbonised-meat bap, check out these next-generation London meat joints and see how it’s really meant to be done. Think […]

    A Lady in London: Best Neighborhoods for Living like a Local

    For the first in our City Insider series of blog posts, we asked Julie Falconer (AKA A Lady in London) for her top tips on where to stay in London to feel more like a local. She came back with three neighborhoods that are central yet not over-run with tourists, vibrant yet still offering a […]

    The Best of East London: 12 Places to Eat, Drink & Relax (#Skateseeing)

    We’re really pleased to announce the launch of our new Skateseeing East London video, which follows a skater as he rides around popular East End spots like Broadway Market, Brick Lane, Dalston Kingsland Road and Shoreditch High Street. We hope it inspires you to check out East London for yourself, a place much loved by […]

    10 great places to spot an Aussie overseas

    The exciting part of getting away, overseas, is not only experiencing new food, new sights, new everything… but also making new friends and sharing all the fun. So, how much better would it be if you bump into other like-minded Aussies; and keep the contact alive when you’re back home? Well, here’s a list of […]

    Step into the great shoe shops of Europe

    Italy, Germany or Spain? Where can shoppers find an amazing treat for their feet? Yes, I know, when one thinks of fashion, one thinks of Paris. But, hey, there’s some amazing wonders, that’ll tickle your pinkies, to be found in other surrounding countries as well. When in Italy… Once arriving in Florence, we needed a […]

    All Change at King’s Cross: London’s Rejuvenated Railway District

    – Written by Kirsty Knaggs Reception at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel As self-confessed train travel geeks, my fiancé Jools and I couldn’t believe our luck when we won two nights at historic railway hotel the St Pancras Renaissance, courtesy of HotelClub and Cool Places. We feature train-themed accommodation on our luxury train travel site Railway […]

    The most romantic film sets of Europe

    Half the reason why some of the most romantic films were just so romantic, is probably because of where they were filmed. So, instead of grabbing the chocolates and that well-worn video, it’s time to visit the actual spots that made your heart go as gooey as that last caramel. A French town to remember. […]