The rise of Hong Kong cinema

    At the intersection of eastern and western cultures, Hong Kong is a city of innovation. From its iconic skyline rising up from the sea to its status as an independent city-state at the edge of China, Hong Kong refuses to conform. So it’s no wonder this city’s cinematic landscape is so special. Today, Hong Kong’s […]

    Celebrating Fifty Years Of Singapore’s Independence

    Fifty years ago, Singapore became an independent state, after parting ways with the short-lived Malaysian Federation. With little in the way of natural resources, just how did this small nation manage to rise to become an economic superpower in just five decades? Despite its humble beginnings, Singapore owes much of its success to its investment […]

    The history of the junk boat

    Though most westerners are still unfamiliar with them today, Chinese junk boats have played a tremendously important role in shaping our modern world. The junk is a flat-bottomed boat made from lightweight soft woods, which features unique sails reinforced with bamboo slats and a partitioned hull that prevents flooding if one section is breached. These […]

    Experience Hong Kong: The Calendar of Unmissable Events

    Hong Kong is a modern metropolis overflowing with things to do and see. This economic hotspot and cultural hub is a magnet for travellers, holiday-goers, entrepreneurs, technophiles, and business people from every corner of the world. If you had a dozen lifetimes to spend here, you still couldn’t uncover all the secrets and excitement of […]

    An insider’s look at JW Marriott Seoul

    JW Marriott Seoul is by far the best all-around hotel you’ll find in Seoul. Conveniently located in Central City, you can enjoy luxury shopping and fine dining without leaving the complex. As soon as you enter the hotel lobby, you’ll notice floors upon floors of fine dining and luxurious little extras such as a new […]

    A quirky tour of Tokyo

    Here are a few top tips for a quick and quirky tour through Tokyo: 1. Make a few new friends at Ja La La cat café Insider Tip: Pay for 20-30 minute rate – that’s plenty of time to enjoy a cup of rosehip tea and meet all 19 cats 2. Grab a craft beer […]

    A food lover’s guide to Japan

    1. Try the famous negi (Japanese leeks) at Negiya Heikichi in Shibuya. 2. Grab a healthy lunch at Kanoya Athlete Restaurant 3. Explore areas outside Tokyo – cuisine varies by region in Japan. Insider Tip: Catch the Shinkansen from Shinagawa Station To make the most of your time in Japan, stay at the Tokyo Marriott […]

    The experts advice for a luxury Bali escape

    We interview the luxury travel experts for their advice on the best places to spoil yourself for the ultimate relaxing getaway in Bali. In need of some serious pampering? We ask the experts for the low down on the best food, hotels, spa’s, shopping and more to make sure your next trip to Bali is nothing […]