Best Places to Safari in Africa

    Africa. Its landscape has lured people here for centuries in search of wealth and adventure. You may not be able to follow Ernest Hemingway and hunt the big game, but you can still safari like the old writer. Now, you can fly into Africa and indulge in the lush and diverse ecosystems that run up […]

    The World’s Highest Swing

    There was nothing better than swinging high during childhood. Oribi Gorge is the place in South Africa where you can find this favourite childhood pastime but with a rush of adrenaline added to it. Located along the ravine of the Mzimkulwana River, Oribi George has the base formed out of rocks over 1000 million years […]

    The Unknown Beauties of Ethiopia

    Crossing remote areas, far away from civilization and from the comfort of the modern dwelling lies one of the most well-kept traditions we might expect to see on the African continent. In Southern Ethopia, in the depths of Rift Valley or in the Omo Region, there is a cultural fest – over 45 languages are […]

    Beautiful Sun City in South Africa

    There are many fabulous resorts around the world that usher tourists towards themselves with a certain magnetism, but one resort that definitely stands out as a very special destination for its visitors, offering luxury coupled with an up, close and personal experience of the nature and culture of the land is probably unique to South […]