Kalahari – Africa’s Living Desert

    Beyond the vast and rocky areas in the North West of Southern Africa, the fields are easily leaning down for discovering one of the ageless natural masterpieces: an old sea of sand, having the color of a peach and looking like it never ends. This is Kalahari, a titanic territory on the African continent – […]

    Rwenzori – the Moon’s Mountains

    Rwenzori, also called the “Moon’s Mountains” hide their cliffs’ grandeur under a permanent wall of clouds. The wild beauty of the peaks covered by snow can be observed only when the cold winds clear the fog around them. The unique African mountain chain was discovered by the Europeans by Henry Morton Stanley, in 1888. This […]

    The Scintillating Crater of Ngorongoro

    Image courtesy of wwarby The wildlife abundance of the African continent and the astonishing natural wonders that it houses in its dark depths are delights that greet anyone and everyone who pays a trip to this amazing land. Despite human interference, indiscriminate hunting and colonial exploitation of resources, the indomitable spirit of the ancient land […]

    Mauritius – the pearl of Africa

    In the Southwest Indian Ocean, one can find the most charming and romantic beaches in the world. The unique landscapes and the coral reefs are transforming Mauritius into one of the main destinations for tropical lovers. The African nation island is situated at about 900 km east of Madagascar and it is a constituent part […]

    13 reasons to Visit Cape Town

    Image by neilsingapore The second largest city of South Africa and the southern most city of the mighty and timeless African continent, Cape Town is a place of many marvels. A journey to this modern city takes you back into nature’s lap to your complete surprise. There are so many wonders that are waiting to […]

    Desert Rhino Camp of Namibia: A walk into the uncharted soul of Africa!

    A million acres of privacy in the heart of Africa, a trip into Mother Nature’s most beloved land and a close look at some of the rarest wild species on the planet – an expedition to the Desert Rhino Camp of Namibia is unlike anything else that the African continent has on offer. Image by […]