Five incredible swim-up pool bars perfect for the sip ‘n’ dip

    When taking a tropical time-out, why bother getting out of the pool at all? These incredible spots are ideal for those in search of the ultimate sip-and-dip destination: where it’s one short swim between paradise and piña coladas. 1. Bar Le Lotus, Intercontinental Resort, Tahiti Intercontinental is a name well known to those who like to […]

    25 Best Places in the World to Photograph

    The most spectacular places to photograph on the planet often involve a logistical hurdle or two. Think the Himalayas, Andes, Antarctica, the Arctic, Amazon and Sahara. This top 25 definitely includes the remote and hostile but, happily, a few accessible gems for good measure.

    Top 10 Cities with Navigable Waterways

    For transport or leisure, from harbours to rivers, our top 10 this week is all about the best cities in the world with eminently navigable waterways.

    12 Weird and Wonderful Fruits to Sample on Your Travels

    Durian, rambutan, mangosteen, dragon fruit and jackfruit are so yesterday. Even if you live in a semi-cosmopolitan city you can probably find a grocer with a half-decent harvest of exotic crops. In fact, all you need to pull off the most bizarre fruit platter this side of Borneo is Internet access and a credit card. […]

    Worst Public Transport Systems in the World

    Stop. We’re way ahead of you. You eyeballed “worst public transport” and your noodle began churning out a list of way-too-obvious candidates. But we’re not going after the low-hanging fruit of abysmal infrastructure here. No, it simply wouldn’t be kosher to pick on the likes of Kabul or Karachi, Kinshasa or Kathmandu. Instead, we’re pointing […]

    12 Very Useful Travel Phrases

    You can spot it on practically every international flight. Anxious backpackers, eager to hit the ground running, leafing furiously through guidebook after guidebook in order to harness a serviceable grasp of local dialects and customs. Wait a tick – did we just write “leafing furiously through guidebook after guidebook”? Try swiping and tapping furiously at […]

    Best Extreme Sports Destinations

    Thrills, spills, chills. Our favourite destinations for extreme sports satisfy our inner adrenaline junkie and put us in the mood for a holiday on the edge.

    Celebrate 15 Awesome Independence Days in August

    What is it about the month of August that historically made it the most popular and auspicious time to declare independence and secede from the likes of the United Kingdom, French colonial empire and Soviet Union? Some intrepid grad student may want to tackle that one as a thesis. In the interim, we have our […]