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    Experience Hong Kong: The Calendar of Unmissable Events

    Hong Kong is a modern metropolis overflowing with things to do and see. This economic hotspot and cultural hub is a magnet for travellers, holiday-goers, entrepreneurs, technophiles, and business people from every corner of the world. If you had a dozen lifetimes to spend here, you still couldn’t uncover all the secrets and excitement of […]

    An Insider’s Guide to Amsterdam Oost

    This post was written by Eliza Shaw and Katie Paterson from Singapore. As one of Europe’s most visited cities, Amsterdam certainly doesn’t run short of interesting attractions for visitors to enjoy. Although the historical centre, with its network of picturesque canals and bustling café culture, continues to be a very satisfying place to spend […]

    The power of Feng Shui in Hong Kong

    Feng shui is an ancient Chinese spiritual practice that dates back about 4000 years. With its roots in the earliest human settlements in China, feng shui seeks to create harmony between humans and the natural environments they inhabit. The practice is primarily concerned with the position, orientation, and aesthetics of buildings and objects. From interior […]

    5 Do’s and Don’ts at Fairmont Singapore

    1. Do: Have a cocktail or two (let’s be honest, make it three) at Anti:dote I must admit I’m not really a foodie, a wino or even a coffee connoisseur… but I do know a thing or two about cocktails, so I had high expectations for the trendy new hotel bar Anti:dote. As soon as […]

    New York City Art: The Meatpacking District and beyond…

    New York City Art: The Meatpacking District and beyond… New York City is full to the brim with art, from high-end galleries and world-class museums to street art and graffitied subway cars. One area gatecrashing the Manhattan art scene is the Meatpacking District, a suburb more renown for it’s high-end boutiques and flashy restaurants. Several […]

    The most romantic film sets of Europe

    Half the reason why some of the most romantic films were just so romantic, is probably because of where they were filmed. So, instead of grabbing the chocolates and that well-worn video, it’s time to visit the actual spots that made your heart go as gooey as that last caramel. A French town to remember. […]

    A Local look at Taipei

    Taipei, capitol of Taiwan, will fill up your interests in history, culture and especially your tummy. Does my ego look big in this? Make sure you make a bee-line for the Chaing Kai-shek Memorial Hall. Built in honour of the great leader, this building blew us away with its size. Don’t miss the 89 step-high […]

    A history lovers’ guide to Washington DC

    History buffs, take note. The USA’s capital city, Washington DC is calling your name. Home to more than 58 museums and art galleries, and dozens of historical landmarks covering everything from the civil war to civil rights, this city has history down pat. Your biggest challenge will be knowing where to start. So, grab your […]