Top Tips for the Perfect Langkawi Experience

    Langkawi Cable Car If you love incredible views, this is for you. See miles and miles of pristine ocean, lush jungle, waterfalls and even the Thailand border if you know where to look. Make sure you have your camera at the ready if you plan on taking the full 2.2 kilometer ride on the Langkawi […]

    Explore 4 World Class Cities on a Budget

    Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Adelaide and Lisbon may have very little in common on the surface – absolutely nil, come to think of it – save for one common benefit for intrepid travellers. The capital of Malaysia, capital of the People’s Republic of China, capital of Portugal and capital of the state of South Australia all […]

    Best Public Transport Systems in the World

    Efficient, effective and extensive. The best public transport systems in the world embody the three cardinal “E’s”. Happily, for the most part, “expensive” is not one of them.

    Plug and Play with HotelClub’s Widget

    A plug and play, turnkey device that generates dollars for your WordPress blog at the flip of a switch. Sound good? We thought so. Quite simply, the new HotelClub widget harnesses the power of an online accommodation site that provides consumers worldwide access to over 71,000 hotels in over 138 countries. Rome was not built […]

    Top Photography Apps for your iPhone/Android

    As the pixels in camera phones become mega macho, digital cameras are getting ditched, only to gather dust. While Photography apps on iPhone have the bigger bite of the apple, Android apps are seriously getting injected with juice. Here’s the cool list to get you snap-appy! Polarize price: free Available: iPhone Many days have been passed […]

    10 Great LA Food Trucks: Gourmet Meals Served off a Set of Wheels

    Food is good. Food trucks are very, very good. Life just got better. Catering trucks and street food have come a long way since that suspicious special sauce or dodgy dog in a bun. Whether you know them as mobile diners, gourmet trucks or food vans, there is no denying that food trucks are sweeping […]

    Enjoy New York City On A Budget

    New York is a singular city, with iconic landmarks and cultural events galore. Manhattan, rather famously however, can levy a substantial toll on your holiday budget. Fear not, because we have some superb tips on how to take a considerable bite out of the Big Apple. From gourmet street food vendors to free museum days, […]

    Dublin on a Budget

    Dublin is certainly an amazing city but it can get expensive sometimes if you are staying more than just a few days or have a restricted budget. Luckily, you can enjoy Ireland’s capital by taking advantage of the numerous free events and attractions or numerous discounts available around the city. If you want to spend less on […]