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    Five Epic Australian Natural Wonders You’ve Never Heard Of

    Think natural wonders in Australia and you’re likely jolted with visions of Uluru, The 12 Apostles, Great Barrier Reef, Mount Kosciuszko. The usual suspects – and for good reason: they’re all revered globally as spectacular natural works of art. But dig a little deeper than, say, your average guidebook, and you’ll find there are myriad […]

    Exploring the Wonders of WA

    It’s only when you drink in Western Australia’s sights, sounds – and sands – that you see why many praise its coastline, deserts and national parks as the most spectacular in the country. Drive in any direction from Perth and you’ll be swiftly startled by the eye-popping natural wonders of WA. A high-quality holiday problem? Narrowing down spots to […]

    Top Tips for the Perfect Langkawi Experience

    Langkawi Cable Car If you love incredible views, this is for you. See miles and miles of pristine ocean, lush jungle, waterfalls and even the Thailand border if you know where to look. Make sure you have your camera at the ready if you plan on taking the full 2.2 kilometer ride on the Langkawi […]

    New York City Art: The Meatpacking District and beyond…

    New York City Art: The Meatpacking District and beyond… New York City is full to the brim with art, from high-end galleries and world-class museums to street art and graffitied subway cars. One area gatecrashing the Manhattan art scene is the Meatpacking District, a suburb more renown for it’s high-end boutiques and flashy restaurants. Several […]

    Look out! We’ve got local tips for Langkawi.

    Offering all one could want in an island paradise, the easily accessible island of Langkawi has a reputation for Malaysia’s most beautiful beaches, magnificent jungle treks and sensational duty-free shopping. Once landed at Langkawi International Airport, we headed north and nestled into the Langkawi Lagoon Resort, just a few pleasant minutes away. Mesmerised by this […]

    Uncovering the best kept secret in the Pacific

    Ever wondered what it would be like to go island hopping, around some of the most stunning paradises on this Earth? Well, let’s jump… Often referred to as: “The best kept secret in the Pacific”, the Cook Islands offer plenty to wind you down, or take you right up there. Wow, is that real? Of […]

    Exploring Beautiful Macau

    With its rich Portuguese past, Macau is an enticing blend of Asia, Europe and extravagance. To get things going, why not make a big splash at the world’s largest casino: The Venetian Macau. Here you will find everyone dressed to the nines, weaving their way around tables of temptation, as well as 3000 slot machines. […]

    Travel Blogging 101: Tips from 10 Respected Bloggers

    There are certainly plenty of reasons why you might want to run your own travel blog. Maybe it’s to share your travel experiences with family and friends. Maybe you want to help other people by showing them the best stuff to do in Barcelona. Maybe you just want to write down your thoughts for posterity, […]