5 Impressive Castles in Eastern Europe

Who ever thought that Eastern Europe is just a relic of the communism and the common sights, is wrong. Eastern Europe hides many rarities, old (sometimes medieval) architectural styles and here is just a short list of examples.

1. Vyborg Castle


Certainly, one of the oldest castles in these parts of Europe, Vyborg Castle or the Vyborg Tower, how is also called, due to its central fortification, was initially part of Finland. It was built in the 1290s by a Swedish Lord and the local bay was chosen due to its commercial importance. The castle is a standing example of history’s turn outs, as its initial objective was the protection against Russians and now, the structure is part of Russia.

2. Olesko Castle


Records attest to this marvelous castle in the 1390s, but there are no documents that clearly mention the starting and ending date of the building. Surrounded by a moat, on the top of a 50 meters hill, it represents a perfect medieval sight. Although, during time, it was owned by Hungary, Poland, Lithuania and (nowadays) Ukraine, the castle remained a core for the aristocracy scenery.

3. Euxinograd


A royal residence, on the coast of the Black Sea, this Bulgarian castle was built by a Viennese architect. It was completed in 1882 and it had as a source of inspiration the French Chateau of Saint Cloud, which was destroyed in the Franco-Prussian war. Around the castle lies a park with more than 310 plants exemplars from all over the world.

4. Peles Castle


This Romanian Castle took 10 years to build, and was eventually finalized in 1893. It was conceived as a summer destination by the one that ordered its building, King Carol I, Romania’s first king. The castle mainly reveals examples of the Neo-Renaissance style, but elements of the Gothic Revival are also present. The Carpathian Castle is considered one of the most romantic in the whole Europe.

5. Vajdahunyad Castle


Situated in the capital of Hungary, in one of the largest parks of Budapest, Vajdahunyad is actually a part copy of a Transylvanian Castle – The Castle of Hunedoara. Still, the castle is a beautiful mixture of four architectural styles: Romanic, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. The castle is unique throughout it’s “birth”: presented at an exhibition, it was the people’s choice to build it.

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3 Comments for "5 Impressive Castles in Eastern Europe"

Vlad Trestian says on April 14th, 2009 at 8:41 pm:

Would like to congratulate you for not including the highly overrated Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle, in Romania. Yes, I am a Romanian, and yes, am proud Peles Castle is there, but I’m tired of all the Dracula related hype around Bran Castle.
Euxinograd is a surprise. Much to my shame, I live in Varna, and have never actually seen it. Have to work on that.

Twenga says on April 15th, 2009 at 8:30 am:

Lovely castles and great pictures many thanks!


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