Florin Nedelcu

    5 Sporty Spring Gold Coast Events

    From swimming to paragliding, mountain biking to surfing, barely a month goes by when the Queensland Gold Coast doesn’t host at least one exciting sporting event. This spring (or fall for all you northern hemisphere dwellers) is no exception. So if you’re one of those travelers who likes to spice up their vacation by taking […]

    Sitges: Catalonia’s Tourism Dynamo

    If you’re ever in Barcelona and want to test the waters of the Mediterranean, the beaches in the Ciutat Vella district of Barceloneta will do just fine. If however, you want a beach resort town built on coastal charm, head to Sitges. Just 35 km southwest of Barcelona, Sitges is one of Catalonia’s most popular destinations, […]

    Discover the 2010 Crave Sydney International Food Festival

    The month of October transforms the capital of New South Wales into a prominent hub of the culinary arts. Sydney’s status as one of the world’s best destinations for die-hard foodies is well-established but often, it takes one flagship event to synthesize a city’s epicurean allure. For Sydney, that event is, without question, the Crave […]

    5 Notable Wonders of Montenegro

    While it may be one of the smallest countries in Europe, Montenegro features a wide variety of tourist attractions that make it worth visiting. Its coastline is bathed by the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, and the inland mountains are perfect for a vacation in a wild, untamed setting. Boasting long, beautiful beaches, crystal-clear […]

    5 Remarkable Route 66 Attractions

    Stretching all the way from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California, the legendary Route 66 was one of the first U.S. highways and is considered a true icon of American culture. While it may not be part of the formal Interstate Highway System, Route 66 remains a popular scenic drive dotted with unique and funky […]

    Murano and Burano: Glass and Lace in Venice

    Located in the Venetian Lagoon, Murano and Burano are perfect escapes for visitors who want to discover the wonders of La Serenissima. Apart from the picturesque UNESCO World Heritage backdrop, the islands are famous for their ability to transport people back in time to an era of venerable and genuine craftsmanship. Commonly referred to as […]