Dave Emery

    Copenhagen: King of Cool

    Denmark is a wonderful Scandinavian country and its capital city, Copenhagen, is definitely a top European destination for arts, culture and last but not least, entertainment. Copenhagen is a city with bustling nightlife, where trendy bars and clubs welcome bigger and bigger crowds every year. If you’re just passing by or in the process of […]

    Athens Bar & Restaurant Guide

    Whether planning a trip to Athens now, during the mild Mediterranean winter, or in the summer, you should keep in mind that the capital of Greece is a huge city, with hundreds of great places for you to eat, drink and relax. Since many of Athens’ treasures are often buried deep in areas tourist guides […]

    Enjoy New York City On A Budget

    New York is a singular city, with iconic landmarks and cultural events galore. Manhattan, rather famously however, can levy a substantial toll on your holiday budget. Fear not, because we have some superb tips on how to take a considerable bite out of the Big Apple. From gourmet street food vendors to free museum days, […]

    Shop Till You Drop in Seoul

    If you choose the capital of South Korea as a travel target this season, your trip will not be complete without a visit to Seoul’s incredible retail districts. A bona fide shopaholic’s dream, the massive metropolis is a top destination in Asia.

    Get Off the Beaten Track in Istanbul

    Istanbul is the only city in the world to span two continents (Asia & Europe) and features a flamboyant mix of cultures. As a global hub of 13 million people, however, parts of the incomparable Turkish metropolis can feel a little touristy at times. With that in mind, here are a few of tips to […]

    Dublin on a Budget

    Dublin is certainly an amazing city but it can get expensive sometimes if you are staying more than just a few days or have a restricted budget. Luckily, you can enjoy Ireland’s capital by taking advantage of the numerous free events and attractions or numerous discounts available around the city. If you want to spend less on […]

    Lisbon’s coolest nightclubs

    From electronica and house to live music and rock, the Portuguese capital of Lisbon puts on a fine show after dark. Most of its major clubs are located between downtown and the historical neighbourhood, Belem. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on taxis, book a central hotel in Lisbon. And to guarantee a […]

    Explore the Tasmanian Wilderness

    The wilderness of Tasmania is incomparable and a nonpareil UNESCO World Heritage Site. Approximately 14,000 km2 of Australia’s foremost island is under strict protection and conservation status. With innumerable enclaves in Tasmania to explore, read on for a run-down of some of the best.