Alex Ion

    7 Spectacular Summer Festivals

    If you were to buy an around-the-world ticket and festival-hop from one continent to the next, these seven spectacular and iconic events would have to rank highly on your list. From England to Japan, Spain to the United States of America, check out our favourite summer festivals. Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, England Image by martyworld The […]

    Six Iconic Movie Destinations

    Have you ever loved a movie so much that you wanted to walk beside the characters and enjoy their world? Check out some movie-inspired destinations that will get your imagination running. Salzburg, Austria Arguably one of the most famous movie destinations in the world, made so by Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer’s stirring portrayals in […]

    Five Adrenaline Thrills in Hawaii

    The rush of adrenaline that courses through your veins when you’re precariously close to death can be addictive. If you’re someone who doesn’t feel alive unless you’re doing something dangerous, pack your bags for hotels in Hawaii and check out these five epinephrine-laced activities. Swimming With Sharks Sharks are the most fearsome underwater predators and […]

    7 Reasons to Visit Phuket

    With lovely white sand, delicious food, beautiful scenery and a peaceful, laid-back vibe, Phuket is quite simply a paradise. Discover seven reasons why the island province is one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia. Beaches As Thailand’s biggest island, Phuket contains over fifteen major beaches. Within close proximity to one another, it’s remarkably easy […]

    Five Foodie Destinations in Adelaide

    The lively capital of South Australia is a vibrant metropolis of 1.4 million people. Adelaide seduces with a gorgeous climate, dynamic arts and culture scene, heritage architecture and lovely beachfront suburbs. High standards set by world class Barossa Valley wines however, help cement Adelaide’s claim to fame as a notable stop for epicures. City chefs […]

    What to Eat and Drink in Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, is a convergence point for multiple cultures. Muslims from India and South Asia, Buddhist Chinese and expatriates from around the world all call the vibrant metropolis home. Like many other notable food destinations on the continent, a marriage of immigrant traditions and indigineous cuisine makes KL a delicious hot […]

    Five Best Resorts in Tenerife

    Tenerife is a Spanish island off the Atlantic Coast of Africa and a popular tourist destination. The dominant island in the Canary archipelago is a superlative holiday spot, with wonderful points of interest and natural scenery. With that in mind, check out five superb href=””>resorts in Tenerife. 1) Playa de las Americas – As the […]

    Best Beaches in Cyprus This Summer

    Cyprus, the Island of Love or Aphrodite, is the perfect romantic getaway. The beaches, saturated with warm sunlight and calm lapping waves, are the best antidote to a hectic working schedule. If you’re planning a visit, here’s a handy list to keep in mind. 1) Petra Tou Romiou – Speaking of the goddess of beauty, […]