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Australia’s Best Irish Pubs

Irish pubs are not at the top of everyone’s list of destinations, to be sure. However, there are some excellent examples. Stay nearby for an easy stumble home, and remember: green beer should be consumed only in moments of utter desperation.

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Durty Nelly’s, Sydney

Durty Nelly’s is the real deal. Nelly’s has been Paddington’s traditional Irish local since it was built to service the nearby barracks in 1854. It’s the perfect place to be in the cooler months, with a cosy layout, roaring open fire and traditional bar and decor (there’s no beech and stainless here). Step inside and you’ll know straight away you’ve come to the right place as it will be brimming with real, rugby jersey-wearing Irishmen. Boasting Sydney’s best Guinness, if you’re a fan of the Emerald Isle or a thirsty ex-pat, you can’t do much better.  Situated just minutes’ walk from the CBD, there’s plenty of great Sydney hotels and entertainment options nearby. It’s also right near Aussie Stadium and the SCG, making it ideal for a post-match dousing.

The Trinity Bar, Sydney

A far cry from the polished hipster-heavy establishments surrounding it in groovy, newly upmarket Surry Hills, (a great area to stay in when visiting Sydney), Trinity Bar is warm and welcoming. The walls are lined with timber bookcases containing a dazzling array of old books, mainly legal tomes, so you can catch up on a few 1950s torts while you’re there. The outdoor terrace is popular, a prime spot for people-perving as foot traffic bustles down cosmopolitan Crown St. Punters are spoiled for choice, with 14 local and imported draught brews on offer. Better-than-average grub is available and there’s a recently renovated cocktail bar upstairs. Sadly, however, the traditional Irish cocktail of a potato floating in a pint of Guinness is not on the menu.

The Drunken Poet, Melbourne

Locals love The Drunken Poet for its low-key, unpretentious atmosphere, despite being located right near Carlton, a burgeoning bar, entertainment and dining district. The Poet is designed for conversation – there’s no loud Top 40, no TV. It’s more like an actual country Irish pub than any other in Melbourne. Of course, Guinness and Kilkenny are offered on tap, and at a reasonable price – during Friday’s ‘happy hour’, 5-7pm, a pint costs just $5. As far as bar snacks go, rumour has it that real, live Irish bar attendant Siobhan makes a mean jaffle.

Fibber McGee’s, Perth

A very rare Fibber McGee’s ribeye – Photo credit

Quite rightly, the quality of the beer, especially the Guinness, is normally the mark of a good Irish watering hole. But for its claim of serving Australia’s best steak, Fibber McGee’s deserves special mention. Fibber McGee’s owns its own organic farm, Drumlane, an hour out of Perth. Here, they raise Belted Galloway cattle, free range chickens, and hogs to supply their kitchen with the best and freshest produce. The beef is hung in the restaurant’s cool-room for 31 days, before being cooked to perfection. It’s not cheap. At $45 a serve, the rib eye is definitely a sometimes food, but a brush with perfection that all discerning carnivores should experience when staying in Perth.

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Mary Williams says on March 8th, 2011 at 9:16 pm:

I have to say my experience of dining and drinking in Fibbers was a great one the staff were so warm and polite and the food was delightful christmas 2010 why wouldent it be my darling son is the chef there.


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