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Top 5 Cleanest Hotels in Australia & NZ

We included over 7,000 hotels in our search for Australia’s Best Hotels and Resorts. Ten different criteria were used to rank hotels all over the world.

In the category of Cleanliness the following hotels were voted Top 5 in Australia – an area known for it’s stunning beaches, countrysides, and hot vacation destination spots!

5. Lilianfels Blue Mountains Hotel (Blue Mountains, Australia)

Lilianfels Blue Mountain Hotel

The 85 adorable boutique rooms littering this hotel are not only lavishly decorated but are kept in immaculate condition as well. The rooms, common areas, and restaurants are all sparkling. Add this to comfortable amenities and friendly staff and you’re in for a real treat when you visit.

4. The Henry Jones Art Hotel (Hobart, Australia)

The Henry Jones Art Hotel

This incredible hotel is the only art hotel of its kind in all of Australia. Inside you’ll find a creative blend of both modern and antique artistry and décor. Each piece throughout the hotel is, of course, complemented by a clean welcoming atmosphere. Guests regularly rave about the stunning architecture and promise to return.

3. The Westin Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand)

The Westin Auckland

One of the reasons this stunning hotel is able to stay so clean is its non-smoking rule throughout the entire building. Guests rave over the quality service provided by the hotel’s staff and appreciate room stocked with a number of contemporary amenities as well. Make sure you take an evening stroll along the marina while you’re there.

2. Hotel Sofitel Queenstown (Queenstown, New Zealand)

Hotel Sofitel Queenstown

The rooms at the Hotel Sofitel Queenstown offer the perfect blend of privacy and adventure. Near the hotel you’ll find plenty of sports activities, including fly fishing and bungy jumping. Back at the hotel you’ll enjoy pampering yourself in the spa before retiring to your private balcony to enjoy the view.

1. Huka Lodge (Taupo, New Zealand)

Huka Lodge

The Huka Lodge in Taupo certainly receives the attention it deserves from staff members on a daily basis. Your room will be immaculate when you arrive and the surrounding gardens, pools, and courts will be just as well-kept as you’d expect to find at a luxury resort. Enjoy your time strolling the gardens before retiring to the lodge for the evening.

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gr8 pics


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