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Auckland Wine Tours: Best Wineries and Vineyards

Situated on and near the north island of New Zealand, Auckland is known throughout the wine world as one of the premier vineyard countries in the southern hemisphere. From the rich microclimates of Waiheke Island to the aptly named Bay of Plenty. Both populous and beautiful, Auckland is an exquisite first stop for your New Zealand holiday.

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You may enjoy it so much that it becomes the only stop! While there’s plenty to see all around, these wineries and vineyards shouldn’t be missed:

Stonyridge Vineyard

If you like your wines rich and full-bodied, Stonyridge Vineyard on Waiheke Island should be your first stop. Just a half-hour by ferry from Auckland City, Waiheke is home to white-sand beaches and unreal hiking trails.The vineyard itself, a world-class winery named “one of the top ten wineries in the world” by the Guardian in the UK, offers tours for only $10, which include both wine and olive tastings.

Soljans Estate

Family owned and operated for three generations, Soljans Estate is the premier vineyard in Kumeu, the premier wine country of the Auckland region.

The story of the Soljan family from Croatia is the story of New Zealand wine, and the Winery and Vineyard Tour on Soljans Estate includes a museum of the family’s history. One of the first families to make wine in New Zealand, the Soljan story is filled with many fascinating twists and turns. And that doesn’t even get to the wine: known for their popular table wine throughout New Zealand as well as for their award-winning Pinot Noir, Merlot, and Tawny Port. Finally, the winery cafe near the estate allows you to pair any of Soljans exquisite wines with award-winning platters.

Villa Maria Winery

With outdoor concerts all summer long and consistently excellent whites and reds, Villa Maria is one of the single-handed reasons for New Zealand becoming well-known in the global winemaking industry. Villa Maria is located right next to the airport, making it a great initial or final destination for travelers looking for hotels in Auckland. Be sure to check out their website and see if they’re having a concert – with music types from jazz to rock to classical, there’s sure to be something that you like.

Mudbrick Restaurant and Winery

Going back to Waiheke Island, the Mudbrick Restaurant and Winery offer the most stunning views in Auckland, if you’re interested in visiting wineries primarily for their natural beauty. Situated close to the island coast, you get stunning views of the mainland and other subtropical island paradises surrounding the area. Truly one of a kind, the stunning, high-class interiors of the restaurant provide the perfect break from touring the rolling hills alongside crashing waves.

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Donna Hamilton says on July 25th, 2010 at 11:49 am:

…and don’t forget the Kumeu region which was the original commercial wine-producing region in New Zealand. Just 25 minutes from downtown Auckland, it is very accessible, and home to Constellation Group [formerly Nobilo, one of the largest wineries in New Zealand]. Producers of Monkey Bay (a very well-known & popular wine to Americans), the cellar door staff are proficient and knowledgeable in all their wine-tastings.


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