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Alicante, located on the sunny southeastern coast of Spain, is a well-traveled tourist location due to its beaches, history, and nightlife. No matter what your style of travel, you should sample a little of everything Alicante has to offer. Cheap flights to Alicante are often easy to find from Europe, and souvenirs are often much cheaper in Spain as well.

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So here are five things not to miss in Alicante.

1) Castle of Santa Barbara - One of the largest medieval fortresses in Spain, Santa Barbara was built in the 9th century by Moors.

Castle of Santa Barbara Alicante
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While most of the Islamic architecture was destroyed, it is still a testament to the architectural prowess of the time, built into Mount Bencatil just north of the city. You can walk through the winding streets of the old city to get to the castle, or you can take an elevator from the center of the mountain, accessible via an entrance by the Avenue de Juan Bautista Lafora. Best part: access is free!

2) Postiguet Beach – The main beach at the heart of the city, Postiguet is popular both by day and by night. Streetlights keep the beach safe at night, so you don’t have to worry about dangerous situations after dark.

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With plenty of bars nearby, you can grab your favorite beer, wine or cocktail and watch the waves go in and out. If you stay out late enough, you can even catch the sunrise to the east. There’s nothing like a Spanish sunrise.

3) Nightlife – Around midnight, you can hit up the centrally-located Old Town Barrio, with bars like Carpe Diem, Dos Gringos and Mulligan’s.

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What Westerners might consider “happy hour” begins later there, closer to midnight, with cheap drinks and (occasionally) free shots. Around 3-4 AM, migrate to the clubs in the Puerto, or port district, and dance, chill by the water or check out the casino. Watch the sun rise around 6 AM, and then head home at 7-8. A full night!

4) Catamaran to Tabarca – If you’re feeling like the excitement of the city is too much for you, the best way to get out is to catch a catamaran to Tabarca Island.

Tabarca Island
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Once a pirate hideout, today Tabarca is as sleepy and peaceful as Alicante is exciting. It’s a perfect place for a romantic picnic or a short hike along the coast.

5) Old Town – If art museums, old churches, and architecture are your things, you will have a fun two or three days wandering the wide, cobbled streets of Old Town Alicante.

Alicante old town
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Be sure to visit the Gravina Museum of Fine Arts, the Basilica of Santa Maria, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari, and the Santa Faz monastery. Almost all of the religious buildings were built over mosques, so you’ll get to see medieval Moorish and Christian architecture.

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