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The Events That Make Adelaide Australia’s Festival City

Unlike other Australian urban centers, Adelaide was established by religious refugees from Germany, who left their mark on this place. For many years, the capital of Southern Australia was known as the ‘city of churches’, but, in recent years, it has been shaking off its monastic reputation and undergone a major tourism reform. Hotels in Adelaide have already surpassed facilities from the famous tourist destinations on the Eastern Australian Coast, and the wide variety of festivals hosted here, all year long, have transformed into Australia’s ‘festival city’.

The Fringe
The internationally renowned Fringe festival began in 1960, as an alternative to the Adelaide Festival, which only allowed local artists to showcase their talent. The Fringe is an open-access art festival that allows pretty much anyone to show off their artistic ideas to the public. The largest art event in Australia and the second largest in the world, The Fringe is a fun yet inspirational environment for independent artists and audiences alike.

Big Pond
COSI Extreme Screen Movie Showing
One of the youngest film festivals in the world, Big Pond draws-in movie buffs, from all over the world, to Adelaide. Over the course of 11 days, Big Pond features a variety of world premieres, special screenings and documentaries, from over 40 countries.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival

Cabaret 027
In just ten years time, the Adelaide Cabaret Festival has become the most important event of its type, in the world. Every June, cabaret performers, from all around the globe, gather under the roof of Adelaide’s Festival Center, and put on a unique show, full of music, dancing, satire and fun. Classic and modern cabaret performances, by both professional and amateur groups, all offer adventurous people the chance to discover the cabaret scene.

Guitar Festival
Me standing on stage next to Jake while he plays his guitar
Featuring over 50 national and international performers, the biennial Guitar Festival of Adelaide is a celebration of the world’s most popular musical instrument. From jazz, to classical and even Flamenco, masters of the guitar try to do their instrument justice and entertain the massive crowds that gather every year, at the festival center. The Adelaide Guitar Festival gives established musicians the chance to show talent and creativity, and emerging players the shot to be heard by a real audience.

French Festival
French festival we happened upon
Strange as it may seem, Adelaide is one of the best places in the world to celebrate French culture and language, during the French Festival. Held at the beautiful Carrick Hill gardens, the ‘L’isle de la Reunion’ festival has been themed on different regions of France, every year. Artists and performers from the celebrated regions are invited, but the main attraction of every French Festival is, undoubtedly, the gastronomy program. Locals and tourists have the chance to enjoy live cooking and French wine tasting.

Fat Tyre Festival
The first of many crashes with the bikes.  That mountain biking path stole blood and dignity fro
If you can ride a bike, you really shouldn’t miss the chance to register for the Fat Tyre – a weekend long festival that includes riding a mountain bike among the ancient Red Gum trees, at the foot of Mount Remarkable, as well as evening feasts and a live band party, enjoyable by the whole family. A non competitive event that is more about meeting friendly people who share your interests, rather than beating them to the finish line, the Adelaide Fat Tyre festival is on of the best in the world.

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