A Beautiful Day in Bono’s Dublin

The capital of Ireland moves in “Mysterious Ways” and overflows with enough culture and character to provoke a severe case of “Vertigo”. From the “Elevation” of the Spire of Dublin to more clandestine corners “Where the Streets Have No Name”, a Dublin adventure can be the “Sweetest Thing”. The best way to tackle Dublin, however, is to relinquish control, consult a local and submissively declare “I Will Follow”. A local such as U2 frontman Paul David Hewson, for instance.

Yes, Bono. The “One” and only. Rock royalty, activist/philanthropist, entrepreneur and showman supreme. If you wake up one fine Dublin day, look in the mirror and glumly avow “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and “Desire” more, take a hint from the man in the wraparound sunglasses. “Walk On”, develop “The Wanderer” within and explore Dublin from soup to nuts. You may just find yourself “Numb” from the experience.

U2 puns aside, Dublin is magical. Not in a starry, ethereal kind of way, however, but in the city’s uptempo, workaday realness. One visit and you may well agree with Bono himself: Dublin is truly “In God’s Country”.


Suburbs often galvanise creative expression and in Bono’s case, the residential ‘hood of Glasnevin was the humdrum precursor to Rattle and Hum. While the childhood homes of The Beatles enjoy National Trust perservation, Bono’s adolescent abode on Cedarwood Road is still in private hands. The rock icon even pops in now and then to chat with current owners Tom and Kathleen Ryan.

Windmill Lane Studios/U2 Wall
4 Windmill Lane

Windmill Lane Studios (now defunct) marks where it all began, i.e. the first three U2 albums, Boy, October and War. Add a graffito to the U2 fan wall if you like.

Dockers Pub
Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

A longtime, now long gone, haunt for Bono, The Edge and co.

Point Depot
East Link Bridge, North Wall Quay

The Point Depot Theatre was, for many, the temple of U2 in Dublin for a time. Now the O2 Dublin, the venue was the backdrop for some of the group’s most famous concerts.

The Baggot Inn
142 Lower Baggot Street

When it was early days for U2, Bono and the boys crept in to play some cheeky little gigs here.

Fitzwilliam Square

Site of the awesome “Sweetest Thing” video.

The National Gallery of Ireland
Merrion Square West

Hoof it to the Portrait Collection to see Louis le Brocquy’s singular homage to Bono.

The Duke
9 Duke Street

Bono’s go-to pub as a restless youth.

The Clarence Hotel
6/8 Wellington Quay

When you have all the lucre in the world, why not purchase a hotel in your hometown? Have a drink at The Octagon bar.

Where to stay in Dublin:

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Westbury Hotel Dublin

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City of Blinding Lights?


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