5 Things You Must Do In Israel

A place of living history and the most important country of the world when it comes to Christianity, Israel is the place where Europe meets the Middle East. Having such an immense cultural significance, Israel is a country with so many sights, that it is almost impossible to see them all, during a vacation. So, here are five of the most important things you must do before going back home.


1. Walk on the streets of Jerusalem. With its colorful squares and narrow streets, Jerusalem has a turbulent history. It is the holy city for Christians, Jews and Muslims, as well. The Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so make sure you will reserve at least one day to visit it. Also, don’t miss The Israel Museum, the country’s largest, in order to understand both the history and the present of this civilization.


2. Visit the Hula Valley. One of Israel’s major tourist’s attractions, Hula Valley Nature Reservation is an amazing place. Having a large part covered by the waters of the Hula Lake, the area is a perfect environment for all the birds flying by during fall and spring, as well as for the local bird species. Besides the amazing sights, one can find here more than 390 bird species.


3. Dive in Eliat. The wonderful coral reefs, the colorful fishes, the labyrinths, the gulfs and the deep canyons place the Red Sea into the list of the best places for scuba diving in the whole world. At Eliat, you can find corals on more than 1,200 meters along the shore. Don’t miss the Japanese Gardens, home of more than 270 coral species and 2,500 sea species.


4. Eat falafel. Either in the restaurant or in the street, if you’re hungry and want to fix the problem, the falafel is the quickest and most efficient solution. Originally from Egypt, this dish is available in the whole Middle East. It may contain fava beans or chickpeas, with specific falafel balls, salad, pickles and sauces, all packed up in pita-like bread, called lafa.


5. Float on the Dead Sea. If you wanna catch some sun and relax, don’t miss the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth, being almost 400 meters under the sea level and it has the largest concentration of salt than any other water on earth. And if you enjoy cosmetics, don’t leave without buying some from here.


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