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5 Most Beautiful Auckland Parks

Auckland is New Zealand’s dominant metropolis. With a population in the 1.4 million range (a third of the country’s inhabitants), the city boasts an impressive range of parks and public gardens. True to New Zealand’s reputation, Auckland offers superb natural scenery for visitors to explore and enjoy.

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The Auckland Domain

Auckland’s oldest park has 75 hectares and was developed around the cone of an extinct volcano. The park is rich in mature trees and boasts an impressive sculpture garden. With lush hints of formal English gardens as well, Domain highlights include the Auckland War Memorial Museum and Wintergardens.

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Albert Park

A hot spot in the history of Auckland, the area that is now Albert Park was a battleground in the New Zealand Land Wars of the 19th century. A network of tunnels and air raid shelters were also built here throughout World War II. Today, the park has some impressive specimens of oak trees, Moreton Bay figs and California fan palms. Albert Park is also close to some of the best hotels in Auckland.

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Mount Eden

For spectacular views over Auckland, head to Mount Eden. The most prominent peak in the metro Auckland area is 196 m-high and rife with brilliant native flora.

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Western Park

The park was settled in the mid 19th century, when no less than 1100 deciduous and coniferous trees were planted here. When Western Park was inaugurated, a local journalist declared that Auckland had joined the ranks of ‘the civilised world’. Recent improvements have held faithful to the park’s initial layout.

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Western Springs Park

Western Springs Park is an exuberant expression of life and nature. The Auckland oasis surrounds a natural lake and doubles as a significant bird sanctuary as well. The park frames phenomenal attractions like Auckland Zoo, the Museum of Transport and Technology and Western Springs Stadium.

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Conny says on September 8th, 2010 at 4:01 pm:


NZ is so important, it´s my life.. since I was there 2 years ago, I never forgot. Now, I have already made all things clear so that I can go there again next year for half a year and suddenly I dont know if thats right.. but.. it´s the best country ever!


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