5 Hangover holidays for the party animals

club lifeThere are many locations around the world that attract tourist for all different reasons. Some places have a special attraction for those in love, some locations are great for nature lovers or thrill seekers, but one more category that attracts a whole bunch of crowd to itself is clubbing or party destination, suited to all young at heart, ready to party all day and night long and prepared to suffer a headache and a hangover.

Space Club IbizaIbiza
Ibiza on the Balearic Island in Spain is the clubbing mecca of the world, and the place is one big party place. Through out summer, the nights, music and the fun never seem to end. Everyone who is anyone in the world of music has performed in Ibiza at some stage in their careers. To pick one venue out as the best is rather hard with many of the best DJ’s rocking the world of a crowd intoxicated with rhythm and music. The big performers and promoters shift their venues throughout the week to different clubs, but Privilege, Space and Pacha do attract a lot of big names and performers.

Ayia NapaAyia Napa
Cyprus is a country that brings to mind relaxation, fun and beauty. No wonder than that they boast quite a few destinations that will satisfy a party seeker. Ayia Napa is amongst the top names in this regard. The destination was once considered a family destination, and to an extent it still is, but during the last 10 to 15 years clubs and music have become an integral part of the Ayia Napa experience. Mostly the crowd here is British and you might feel a strong British influence on the music as well,but that does not mean you can’t enjoy it!!! R&B, hip hop and urban is what you will find here mostly. As far as the best places to enjoy this music goes, Insomnia and Club Abyss rock.

Not many will argue that Miami in Florida is a special place to party. Not only the beautiful weather, relaxing beaches and pretty people are the life of the town, but music is also at the centre of it all. The nights in this sweltering city become all the more hot with crowds actually dancing to the rhythm of the loud music, with a very strong Latino taste to it. Miami is definitely at the heart of the music industry, and also hosts the Winter Music Conference every March where all the big shots come together to discuss business.
The Opium garden and Mansion are the happening upscale clubs, but for a more relaxed atmosphere head for The Bongo Cuban Café and dance the night away.

LALos Angeles
Want to rub shoulders with the rich, beautiful and famous? Then head straight to LA. Mind you, if you are not one of these yourself, a long queue might await you, just to get in to most places. As it is with the rich and famous, what’s in today may be out tomorrow, so the “places to be” keep changing quite regularly, but the three mile Sunset Strip is where you will find most of the action taking place in Los Angeles.

It’s hard to imagine Zürich as anything other than the dull and grey banking capital of the world, but prepare to be surprised, as the old industrial area of Zürich West has been transformed in to one big party place. The nights in this party hub are bright, alive and long. For some really good time head to the Club Q or Lotus Club, or if you wanna really get into the groove Langstrasse is the place.

3 Comments for "5 Hangover holidays for the party animals"

Sherryl says on January 11th, 2008 at 4:45 pm:

You can’t miss Starkey’s in Ayia Napa at all if you like old music. They play 70s and 80s music all night and it only ends when YOU can’t move anymore. Wonderful place.

Zak says on January 28th, 2008 at 12:10 am:

Zürich is the place to be, if you can time a trip, I reccommend the next ‘energy’, or Streetparade.

Thai Hotel Expert says on July 8th, 2008 at 9:45 am:

Bangkok is definitely the one!


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