2011 HotelClub Awards: Singapore and Malaysia

What makes a first-class hotel? Let us sum up. Assiduous front desk staff? Check. Delish room service? Yes. Plush pillows and linens? It helps. Smart décor? Sure. A sleek speakeasy with artisanal cocktails? Maybe.

The point is that the recipe for hospitality excellence involves many palpable and abstract elements. A cup of this, a dash of that, as it were. The good people who compile the annual HotelClub Hotel Awards strive to go one step beyond and look past chrome lobby bars, designer bathroom fixtures, dutiful concierges et al. to cull the singular and extraordinary from the pack.

For proof, take a gander at the 2011 HotelClub Awards for Singapore and Malaysia, where we shine the spot on:

Best Hotel for a Beach Getaway
Best Hotel to Try Your Luck
Best Kept Secret Hotel
Best Place to Have Fun
Coolest Pool to Beat the Heat
Most Indulgent Hotel
Top Bar for Breathtaking Views
Top Hotel for Hawker Food
Top Hotel to Shop Til You Drop
Top Spot to Watch a Local Festival
Yummiest Spot for Chilli Crab

With that, a précis of a few of the most notable hotels in Singapore and Malaysia to make the illustrious cut is in order:

Royal Plaza on Scotts Singapore – Top Hotel to Shop Til You Drop

When your property abuts one of the bellwether commercial intersections in the world, a category like this is a slam dunk. The Royal Plaza on Scotts, corner Orchard Road, is a Singapore five star that truly takes advantage of the old adage “location, location, location.”

Tanjung Rhu Resort Langkawi – Most Indulgent Hotel

Anyone can do contextless luxury but to accomplish indulgent requires another set of standards altogether. The Tanjung Rhu Resort resides in one of the most paradisal parcels of Langkawi. Start with a stylish 100 sqm room over the water and unwind.

Moon Hotel Singapore – Best Kept Secret Hotel

At last, a category for those who love the underdog. The demure but swish Moon is a worthy alternative to the conspicuous crop of über-luxe high-rise hotels in Singapore.

Swiss Inn Kuala Lumpur – Top Hotel for Hawker Food

Petaling Street is a must for globetrotter street food fanatics who gorge, catalog and blog about sidewalk conquests with nerdy gusto. The Swiss Inn is on the doorstep of the epic hawker artery.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore Hotel – Top Bar for Breathtaking Views

A zinc bar and signature cocktail menu do not a hip scene make. To lure the cool crowd, the ultimate eye candy – a priceless view – is the way to go. The brain-trust behind the sensational Sands SkyPark – from starchitect Moshe Safdie to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson – has set the bar impossibly high. New best job in Singapore? KU DÉ TA Club Lounge mixologist.

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