10 Great LA Food Trucks: Gourmet Meals Served off a Set of Wheels

Food is good. Food trucks are very, very good. Life just got better.

Catering trucks and street food have come a long way since that suspicious special sauce or dodgy dog in a bun. Whether you know them as mobile diners, gourmet trucks or food vans, there is no denying that food trucks are sweeping the culinary world and contributing to traffic jams.

Tracking down the truck is half the battle, trying to sneak your way to the front of a 20 minute queue snaking its way alongside sidewalks is the other, only to reach the front stumped as what to treat your tummy too. Welcome to Los Angeles, the city where the food truck angels just keep rolling.

From Korean BBQ tacos to grass-fed organic burgers to sugared ice-cream treats that put tooth fairies back into business, here’s our selection of meals served to you on sets of seriously cool wheels.

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1. Buttermilk

When staying in LA brighten your morning up with the Buttermilk Truck. Tickle your taste buds with Red Velvet Chocolate chip buttermilk pancakes or golden brown housemade cake donuts, powdered with sugar and glazed with cinnamon vanilla delight. Past Wheel-Bys: Melrose, Pasadena, San Gabriel and Hollywood

2. The Green Truck

Need more carbo-loading? Try the eco-friendly Green Truck’s all-you-can-eat Good Morning Breakfast Buffet. We’re talking about the mother-hen of free range egg scrambles, crisp country potatoes and Niman ranch bacon and sausages. Talk about an organic-gasm in your mouth!

3. Lardon

Did someone yell out “bacon?” Actually, it’s bacone and founders, Heather and Jerry Crowley are the brains behind this bacon only food truck. Pig out on their signature “Lardon BLT,” a toasted baguette filled with peppered bacon, butter lettuce and sweet-ripe tomatoes, lavished with St. Agur blue cheese for an oinking $6.

4. Coolhaus

Angelenos, cool the load at Coolhaus, the truck of artisanal ice cream sandwiches which frequents Melrose, avenues Fairfax & Waring and outside LA Times. Choose from cookie bases such as apple fritter, peanut butter banana or snickerdoodle followed by your ice cream filling like dirty mint, matcha green tea or root beer. The best bit about this all-natural goodness? Everything is edible…including the wrapper with custom-printed edible ink!

5. Flying Pig

If you’re Downtown LA, hit the artwalk and you’ll discover Le Cordon Bleu-trained chefs Joe and James’ Flying Pig. This pink truck serves braised pork belly on steamed bao buns along with a selection of tacos filled with Asian and Pacific rim flavours fused with French technique. Look out for tamarind duck, carne asada and peanut butter carnitas – each $2.75.

6. Kogi

This list would not be complete without the mention of Kogi, the Godfather of Los Angeles food trucks. This is the truck that started the craze, and in its glory days (which are yet to fade), you wouldn’t have flinched to line up over an hour to sink your teeth into Kogi’s Korean Mexican BBQ tacos. Spicy Pork Tacos, Kimchi Quesadillas and Short Rib Sliders wheel their way from Silver Lake to Eagle Rock and down all the way to Orange. If you’re looking for a burger, the Pacman burger has it all. 3 meats, 2 salsas, sesame mayo, salad,  Chicharrones and jack and cheddar cheeses mashed up for a measly $7.

7. Border Grill

Continuing along the taco trail with sunset somewhere in sight, we find Border Grill. “Too Hot Tomales’” Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger offer you modern Mexican cuisine full of flavor. Gourmet tacos, quesadillas and empanadas feed the roving mouths of downtown LA-ers.  Kick your ceviche cravings to the curbside with a Peruvian Ceviche Cone.

8. Don Chow

The savoury mobile menu of “Chino-meets-Latino” is found in the truck of Don Chow. Crossing the freeways of LA and Orange County, favourites are Kung Pao chicken tacos and seriously smoky-sweet Chinese BBQ Pork Burritos.

9. Let’s be Frank

To be frank, hot dogs carts are put to shame with the grilled grain-fed goodness served out of this uber-bright mobile beast. If you can’t smell the sizzle of onions wafting around, Let’s Be Frank regularly hot-dogs its way around Culver City and Silver Lake whereby fans flock for the Franks and Brats which are juiced to the max with devil sauce.

10.Sweets Truck

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With every good 3,4, 5 course meal, it wouldn’t be complete without some sweets! Hello Sweets Truck, load me up! It really does feel like being in a candy shop… Pudding Shooters, Whoopie Pies, Cookie Sandwiches and Milk & Krunchies… time for a sugar high.

Will you ever reserve a table again?

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