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Lisbon’s coolest nightclubs

From electronica and house to live music and rock, the Portuguese capital of Lisbon puts on a fine show after dark. Most of its major clubs are located between downtown and the historical neighbourhood, Belem. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on taxis, book a central hotel in Lisbon. And to guarantee a great night out, do as the locals and start with dinner and drinks at a pub or restaurant and make your way to the clubs at about 2am.

1. Belem Bar and Cafe
This sophisticated hotspot on Lisbon’s riverside is a combination bar, cafe and restaurant that transforms into a disco after midnight. The kitchen is open until 2am after which disco balls pop up and a resident DJ hosts a variety of themed parties all night long. In summer, Belem Bar and Cafe takes advantage of the beautiful weather with outdoor dance floors and bars on the balcony over Tagus River.

2. Main
Main is one of Lisbon’s best places to party. Known as “Kapital” for two decades, the club was revived in late 2012 as a popular weekend spot attracting 20- and 30-somethings. We hear it can be hard to get in, so be sure to wear your best kit.

3. Incognito Bar
Unlike many other clubs in Lisbon, Incognito Bar likes to keep a low profile (hence the name). The club has no name on the door and you have to ring a bell to get in. This is one of the city’s oldest clubs and still plays music that was popular two decades ago. Incognito is divided into two spaces: a main dance floor and a quieter bar upstairs from where you can watch the crowd below.

4. Lux
Located right by the harbour in a former dockside warehouse, Lux is one of the most fashionable clubs in the city. Partly owned by actor John Malkovich, the club has welcomed such stars as Prince and Cameron Diaz over the years. Once inside, you can dance to some modern beats downstairs, relax to an alternative soundtrack upstairs or watch the luminous city on the rooftop terrace. As with other popular clubs, expect a long queue at the entrance, and be sure to dress to impress.

5. Paradise Garage
Paradise Garage is a different experience from most of the clubs on this list. Set in a former warehouse, the venue hosts a large number of live concerts during weekdays from both local and international artists. On weekends, garage music is pumped out for clubbers who stay here until the wee hours of the morning.

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